Vroom! Vroom!: Configuring Your Recruitment Plan to Success!

Until recently, I have always viewed the word “customizable” as an extremely positive attribute. In my mind, I used to view customization as a way for the customer to get exactly what he/she wants. After chancing upon a past Gartner Magic Quadrant report, I noticed that being customizable was viewed in a negative light. This caught me off guard as I have always viewed the word in a positive manner. There are obvious factors that accompany something being “customizable,” such as a higher price, that is not appealing or a lower price, but the quality is compromised, but it also got me thinking about the hidden negatives of customizability. Because my information technology background is not as extensive as a developer, I decided to view the situation from a different instance.

I remember a couple of years back when I thought it was the coolest thing in the world to have a custom-made Corvette Stingray. What could go wrong? Matte Black body paint with red and white outline and highlights, Royal-Lip Hyper Black MXR-F Rota equipped with Achilles Radial Tires, Black Metal EVO 8 Engine and a Black Rear Spoiler. It’ll have everything I desire in a sports car. In my mind, I knew what I wanted. I knew what I liked. I knew what looked cool. Right? Wrong. So wrong. I would venture to say that I designed the ugliest Corvette car ever made. It is humorous to think I knew exactly what I wanted, yet in reality, I had no idea what I needed. I think this is true for a typical customer in any setting, and this is another reason that customizability can certainly be negative. Configurability is a different story. A trusted and reliable partner recruitment agency in the Philippines implementing and executing a recruitment campaign that is configurable and easily achieved is like an easy-going person who can fit in with any crowd. Obviously, companies will have basic needs and requirements to fill internal professional vacancies, but a well-planned recruitment campaign executed by a highly effective partner recruitment agency in the Philippines will have a solid base that does not require or necessitate customizability.

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