The World is Our Playground and We Will Always be Home: Why Filipinos are in the Forefront of Global Citizenship

Why Filipinos are in the Forefront of Global Citizenship? The Filipino Diaspora was happening long before the term was even coined during the height of Overseas Filipino Workers’ deployment in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  From the pre-Spanish times where, navigational pilots helped traders from China to navigate through Southeast Asia, up to today’s welders in Riyadh or Eastern Siberia, the Filipinos have made a mark as one of true global citizen.

According to the results of the 2016 Survey on Overseas Filipino Workers conducted by The Philippine Statistics Authority, there are 2.2 million Filipinos working outside the country as contract workers. This is a headcount exclusive of those Filipinos who have chosen to migrate to another country – but all the same becoming ambassadors of goodwill in their adopted lands and making the Filipino professional and skilled workers known as a people of exceptional skill.

This has led to a vibrant overseas recruitment industry –  the keepers of the doorsteps to the Filipino job market.  The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is the main government agency tasked to regulate the recruitment industry in the country.  This means that all foreign employers are required to be accredited at the POEA, all candidates are to be certified, and all recruitment agencies must bear a legitimate license.  The POEA ensures that as we send our compatriots to foreign countries that we bring nothing but the best of our people.

It can be argued that this has really left that indelible mark among human resources professionals that when it comes to staff augmentation, the best recourse if the local population will not be able to supply the needs, is to look towards the Philippines.  Overall, it has become beneficial to all concerned – the host country gained the skills that Filipinos brought with them, the employers met their objectives, and the contracted Filipino workers were able to gain experience and pursue greater heights for their own careers.

If we can sum up, why Filipinos are in the forefront of Global Citizenship, we can say the following:

1.           Filipinos have an educational system that thinks global.  This has generated student graduates who know that the horizon ahead of them is not limited to the shores of the archipelago, but the world is their playground.  This has also made most Filipinos to be bilingual speakers.

2.           Filipinos are highly skilled.  Be it the aviation industry or hospitality industry, Filipinos are known to have been on the leading edge of the talent pool.

3.           Filipinos are very adaptive.  You visit Filipinos in Germany, Saudi Arabia, or Japan, and you will find them assimilating easily into the local culture.  Filipinos never have a mentality of “Us vs. Them.”

4.           Filipinos are hardy.  Whether they are in a 50-degree Celsius project site in the middle of the desert, or in freezing temperatures in Siberia, they stick to the job.

5.           Filipinos are naturally service oriented.  This is truly a trait that Filipinos are proud of.  We take care of our customers as if they are guests at our own home.

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