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RENSOL is today a leading recruitment for company servicing over 100 multinational, corporate and government customers, including 15 Fortune 500 Customers.

Driven by a mission to accelerate our clients’ corporate performance with precise human capital solutions, Rensol has established presence in major cities in Asia with a proven methodology that is applied to all our subsidiaries.


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RENSOL, started in 1999,  is today a leading recruitment and specialist servicing over 100 multinational, corporate and government customers, including 15 Fortune 500 Customers.

At RENSOL, we believe in traditional values like commitment. When we engage in a client project, we are committed to deliver on time and on budget. Meeting this commitment takes more than just good intentions; it needs experienced consultants and the latest and best development methodologies to meet its commitment and deliver high quality services.

RENSOL is dedicated to providing quality products and services that fully satisfy global customer needs. We believe that quality is 100% conformance to commitments with six sigma performance as the goal. A stimulating environment that values diversity and rewards success will enable this performance. We will endeavour to do what we say every time.


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