• Staffing Services

    Finding Highly Qualified Workers that Support Businesses’ Innovation and Needs

Flexibility and Efficiency

Staffing service is gradually becoming more popular in the Middle East and Asia. There is a  rise in the number of organizations engaging in this service. Having to compete in a rapidly changing environment with fluctuating demands, businesses are turning to Staff Augmentation as a critical operation strategy to increase responsiveness and remain competitive.

Staffing service is increasingly becoming the most sought-after recruitment model as it entails flexibility in the workforce. While the complete takeover of staff augmentation is still a few miles away, most organizations are entering into a hybrid model. Therefore, most companies are leveraging the potential of coupling the benefits of traditional staffing and staff augmentation.

Unique Capabilities for Staffing Services

  • End-to-End Staffing Solutions

    Continuous management of the entire process of recruiting, screening, evaluating, interviewing, and maintaining relationships with current and future employees. Providing the company with a diverse team that shares boundless creativity and innovation.

  • Time management and multitasking

    Quicker and easier looking for top talents to match unique resource needs. With Rensol’s staffing requirements, varying staffing needs can be met without incurring additional internal investments.

  • Access to talent networks

    Accumulated resource pools of passive candidates looking for job opportunities. It will serve as an efficient solution to employ highly qualified workers in a particular industry. Flexible control of staffing services on resources leads to the elimination of possible additional workloads for the client. 

  • Industry market knowledge

    Expert recruiters who have extensive knowledge of market history. Ensuring clients obtain the best candidates that are fit for the role. Hiring skilled workers for specialized projects definitely improves company operations.

Assessments that go beyond Skills…

  • Skills Assessment

    We work with you to determine which of these skills are crucial to success in the role in question and then tailor the questionnaire accordingly.

  • Ability Assessment

    A series of short, engaging online tests of verbal, numerical and checking skills. The questions adapt to each candidate’s ability as they progress through the test, allowing them to show their full potential.

  • Psychometric Assessment

    Most jobs are stressful and demand capabilities beyond what is shown by Skill based assessments. Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioural style situational judgement tests that assess the key skills required for a particular role. Each test is customized to your role and organization, and includes a series of real-life scenarios, giving you valuable insight into how a candidate will perform on the job.



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