Australia Hospitality Boom: A Looming Recruitment Crisis?

Located in the middle of the Pacific and Indian oceans, Australia hospitality boasts of its wonderful beaches. While it booms as a tourist destination, it faces a serious recruitment crisis as a job destination.

The high number of tourists impacts the economic activity of Australia positively. The current growth even outpaced other sectors. Places like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane leads the region with the top attraction of tourists.  Flexible hotel accommodation packages and Australian’s passion for international cuisine play a significant role in the hospitality boom.

International passenger traffic reaches record levels. Annual growth on passenger movements has been consistent at more than 5% over the past five years. Job ad growth reflects the increased business activity within the competitive market.

The Recruitment Crisis

The increase in tourist numbers contributed a lot with the rise in job ads across the hospitality and tourism sector. 123,000 extra workers are foreseen to be needed by the year 2020 for it to survive.

However, hotels and restaurants are failing to attract younger generations who are better versed in working conditions. No one in hospitality can confidently tell that they can find staff. While there is an evident demand, the staff they need are difficult to find. Hence, the supply of well-trained capable workforce is highly-critical.

Skill shortage sprouted as a major threat to Australia hospitality. Hotel, restaurant, and tourism staff are in high demand. Most jobs are full-time, and earnings are categorizable as above-average. The high demand, however, translates to below average unemployment in the sector.

Global Recruitment

19,000 more waiters, 11,700 more bar attendants/ baristas, 15,700 more café/ restaurant managers, and 2200 event organizers are projected to be needed until 2020. This increase in demand has also reflected on their salaries and incentives.

The surge of leisure travelers drives job growth in the Australia hospitality sector and tourism recruiters are expected to expand productivity solutions to provide the sector’s requirement.

Employers are being encouraged to attract the brightest hospitality talents for their establishment. The competition has been tough among industry key players with the increase in demand. With the current enhancement of food and beverage and accommodation experience, businesses are under pressure in the recruitment of hospitality talents. Australian companies must employ foreign workers because they couldn’t find sufficiently qualified Australians.

About one foreigner in 12 Australians was employed by the sector. This signifies why the Australia hospitality heavily relies on global workers. It’s never new where any flourishing dining or hotel establishment in Australia, at the very least, employ an international staff.

Like the Philippines, Australia is home to friendly citizens. So, it is not surprising that its hospitality industry is one of the busiest and most dynamic in terms of job opportunities.

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