Engineering Recruitment Boom in Australia: Explore Brisbane as New World City

The engineering sector has been the largest non-services sector and the cornerstone of the Australian economy. It has employed 1.1 million people over the years; both local and overseas workers. For the second and last instalment of this series which tackles the engineering recruitment boom in the Land Down Under, let’s explore Brisbane as it transitions into a ‘new world city’.

New World City


Within a decade, Brisbane is projected to be Australia’s ‘new world city’. The reinvigoration of its built environment and lining up of major engineering projects are underway to modernize the city and to eventually enhance its appeal in the international arena. From a mining boom, the city has been slowly transferring to an engineering boom.

Billions of dollars’ worth of major engineering projects are rapidly changing the face of Brisbane. New opportunities pose a wealth of opportunity for investors and a leap for engineering recruitment.

Brisbane has been positioning itself as a leader in smarter infrastructure aside from being the largest economic hub in Oceania. Engineering, innovation, and digital technology were combined to challenge existing barriers and to consider new opportunities for smarter engineering. The Queensland Government invested in adopting a smarter and more sustainable engineering pipeline to prepare new breeds of workforce to the elevated level of deliverables in the near future.

Despite the city’s unique demographic, climatic, geographic, and economic characteristics, challenges in traditional engineering solutions push for a revolution towards a smarter industry. To compete globally, Brisbane initiated efforts to drive innovation to improve all-encompassing lifestyle within the most populous city in Queensland.

Engineering Recruitment

Engineering has been a significant component of Queensland’s economy. To cater to this growth in investment, Brisbane’s engineering recruitment has been growing fivefold year by year. With its well-established and firm infrastructure network, this city has been the principal center of Australia’s fastest-growing region.

Considering the engineering pipeline of the Oceania region, Brisbane is clearly concentrated with most of the current and pending developments. If Melbourne markets its apartment industry, Brisbane reflects strength in its global investment amounting to an outstanding $18 billion for its hotel market. Its tourism and hospitality industry significantly propel its engineering industry. Leisure infrastructure in its metropolitan economy impacts engineering recruitment in a positive way.

Like Melbourne, engineering boom certainly attracts more skilled migrants from overseas and interstate. With the increase in population is an increasing demand for adequate health, entertainment, and transport facilities. Population growth has been a positive sign for Brisbane as it indicated strong employment opportunities, especially in its engineering recruitment.

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