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HR Guide: Attracting the Right Candidate Through Effective Job Description

Here’s how to write a job description that will attract the right candidates. “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” – Greg Anderson Why Focus on Activities? People are hired to perform value-adding activities. While companies have different approaches to how they hire, […]

Australia Hospitality Boom: A Looming Recruitment Crisis?

Located in the middle of the Pacific and Indian oceans, Australia hospitality boasts of its wonderful beaches. While it booms as a tourist destination, it faces a serious recruitment crisis as a job destination. The high number of tourists impacts the economic activity of Australia positively. The current growth even outpaced other sectors. Places like […]

UK Oil and Gas: Man and Power

If you are a UK Oil and Gas company, what do you think would set you apart from other companies specializing in the same trade? I recently had a conversation with two British friends based in Manchester and are both inclined with the oil and gas field. One works at Clyde Marine, a UK Oil […]

Rustling & Rushing Russian Engineering

Russian engineering and its commitment to science and technology makes the industry at the forefront of the world. The country’s contribution to technological advancement has always been important. Russian engineering has been trying to modernize and industrialize for 300 years now. Engineering and production of electricity have been a priority for the communists.  In all […]

Construction Recruitment Agencies Aiding Construction Renaissance

Timetric, a construction journal, has been predicting that Russian construction recruitment signals return to growth as more and more investors are gaining confidence in their construction industry. Russian construction is one of the world’s largest. Moscow, the country’s capital, is full-packed with large-scale projects with its urban expansion. The country is anticipating making use of […]

Recruitment Vendor Management – Residual Risk vs. Inherent Risk

A Recruitment Vendor is necessary. Every organization needs a vendor – no modern big business can operate without getting the right equipment, tools or in this case, manpower services from an external entity. Speaking of a recruitment vendor, I remember having a conversation with a prospect the other day and the Risk of a Recruitment […]

How Rensol Saved a Construction Site from a Recruitment Agency Deploying Undocumented Workers: A Case Study

Client Problem: Construction Company in Kuwait Found to Employ Filipino Workers with No Pertinent Legal Documents Client lately found that most of his newly-hired foreign construction workers were deployed by former partner agency with no pertinent legal documents. The principal has little idea of the process and the management was afraid of probable legal repercussions […]

Fashion Isn’t All About Passion: Hidden Manpower Issues Behind the Garment Industry

Fashion is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Garment workers who suffer from low wages camouflage behind its glitz and glamour, masking the current labor struggle are the beauty in its very façade. The UNICEF and the International Labor Organization reported that while this is one of the most important sectors of the global economy which creates jobs […]

The Boon, The Bane, and The Busy: An Overview of the “No Placement Fee” Policy

According to Asianjournal’s ‘2017 Philippine Recruitment Outlook’, the recruitment industry will be experiencing a stable growth of 4% in the next five years. For that matter, new and old agencies are expected to take part in the game. As competition intensifies, there will surely be more overseas professional opportunities available for Filipinos. The challenge for […]

How Filipinos Stabilize the Talent Imbalance in the Global Hospitality Industry

The demand for hospitality services has grown bigger as millennials, the wanderlust generation, conquered one-third of the world’s hotel guests and may reach 50 percent by 2020. Meanwhile, this increase in the global consumer trend hasn’t corresponded with the level of competency of the hospitality workforce. In a report by the Food Service Consultants Society […]