Best Man for The Job: The Professional & Educational Criteria for Overseas Workers

Containing about half of the proven global oil and gas reserves, the countries in the Middle East and North Africa have a solid base for their economies in the petroleum extraction and refinement industries. Most, if not all of these countries have been investing huge amounts in recruitment and talent acquisition, making sure they get the right people to do the job.

But what are the basic Professional, Technical Educational Benchmark of Offshore Operations Personnel that Middle East and North Africa Oil and Gas and Engineering companies are looking for and require?

To begin any evaluation of any person under the updated Safety and Environmental Management Systems knowledge & skills assessment requirements, one must start with the initial professional or technical training the employee received which qualifies him in his profession.

Quite a few local accredited colleges have a 2-year Petroleum Technology or Industrial Technology associates degree which qualifies them as a production operator and or instrument/control system technician on board production facilities. Many local vocational-technical schools have a six-month accredited Rig Hand training program which thoroughly prepares them for various skills around the drilling rig.

Many accredited colleges offer electronic and mechanic courses. They offer a large variety of training and certification courses of the same caliber. Yet for some reason, some companies in the petroleum and engineering industry has pressured regulatory compliance affinity groups in their region to write in the requirement clause of “experience in lieu of education certification” as being acceptable to operate a $100 million to a $1 Billion-dollar asset which generates millions of dollars daily, and has the potential to cause death and destruction on a regional wide area over the MENA population.

The challenge here for Oil and  Gas and Engineering companies in the MENA region is to find the right candidate with an all-encompassing qualification – proven educational background equipped with certifications and experience and is most qualified to perform the job. There is no longer a need to choose one over the other. Let us help you, we at Rensol Recruitment and Consulting will ensure that we source the most appropriate and fitting personnel for you.

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