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Rensol offers PEOS and E-registration Assistance to workers

Along with the promotion of ethical recruitment and our mandate to an above and beyond service, Rensol launches its own PEOS online and E-registration booth where workers can take it for free with assistance from our recruiters. PEOS Online and E-registration are the mandatory procedures for all aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers for them to know all […]

The Germane & The Genuine: German Automotive Engineering

High Fashion is to Italy, Haute Cuisine and Fine Dining is to France, Prestigious Educational Institutions is to the United Kingdom and Luxury Cars is to Germany. Seriously, when you think of world class automobiles, only one country comes to mind. With brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Volkswagen, German automotive engineering has proven […]

The Thriving Workforce: Oil-Gas Australia

Oil-Gas Australia is undoubtedly booming and even overtaking Qatar as the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG). It was forecasted by the International Energy Agency that the country will be the largest gas supplier in the coming years. 90 million tons a year are projected to be cultivated for the next three years […]

Rensol Recruitment Joins JEPPCA

Japan Employment Providers of the Philippines and Consultants’ Association, or JEPPCA, is a private association of POEA licensed Filipino recruitment agencies that provides Filipinos with legitimate job opportunities in Japan. Membership entails a very rigorous and stringent process to make sure only the best and most reputable agencies are part of the association. Rensol Recruitment, […]

How Rensol Rehabilitated Abuse on Prescription Drugs among Healthcare Staff: A Case Study

Client Problem: Hospital Administrator in Dubai Discovered that Some of His Staff have been Abusing Prescription Drugs Hospital admin notices inventory shrinkage in prescription drugs. Some allied and medical staff from the employer’s first recruitment partner were proven positive for drug dependence. Rensol’s Solution: Recommended Rehabilitation of Medical Staff until they Regain Full Practice Again, […]

Rensol Recruitment Attends 2018 Joint Phil-KSA Industry Conference on the Welfare and Protection of OFW’s

Subic Bay Freeport, Philippines – April 22, 2018 – Rensol Recruitment and Consulting attends the Joint Phil-KSA Industry Conference on the Welfare and Protection of Overseas Filipino Workers. In line with protecting the welfare of OFWs in Saudi Arabia, the Philippine Recruitment Agencies Accredited to Saudi Arabia (PRAASA) board and POEA licensed recruitment agencies all over […]

The Heart in Harmony: Would Ethical Recruitment Exist without POEA?

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA is the government agency, which is responsible for optimizing the benefits of the country’s overseas employment program. Created in 1982 through Executive Order 797 to promote and to monitor the overseas employment of Filipino workers. In 1987, through Executive Order 247, POEA was reorganized to include the following […]

Workplace Diversity: Biggest Criteria Impacting Recruitment and Workforce Performance in the New Age

As business environments, markets, and trends keep evolving, companies are coping up and adapting to changes through a multitude of strategies in talent sourcing. According to Glassdoor, 67% of job seekers consider diversity as a factor when looking for work. Competition forces innovation and having a global impact is a big advantage. Internally reinforcing a […]

How Rensol Answered Hospitality Employer’s Problem on Underperforming Workers due to Excessive Internet Use: A Case Study

Client Problem: Restaurant owner complains of deployed employees exhibiting habitual neglect of duty with excessive internet use during work hours A restaurant owner complained a bulk of new employees from the Philippines working for his Mediterranean restaurant chain who are using the internet excessively during work hours. A customer shared on social media her awful experience […]

Vroom! Vroom!: Configuring Your Recruitment Plan to Success!

Until recently, I have always viewed the word “customizable” as an extremely positive attribute. In my mind, I used to view customization as a way for the customer to get exactly what he/she wants. After chancing upon a past Gartner Magic Quadrant report, I noticed that being customizable was viewed in a negative light. This […]