Engineering Recruitment Boom in Australia: The Persistence of Perth Construction

Perth construction shows persistent strength and confidence. Consistent construction activity propels the city upward. Like Melbourne, cranes are set to dot Perth’s skyline again. Traditional real estate building boosts Perth as Australia’s hub of construction activity. Commercial and residential construction output is high with the erection of high-rise buildings. Moreover, town planners focus on escalating […]

UK Oil and Gas: Man and Power

If you are a UK Oil and Gas company, what do you think would set you apart from other companies specializing in the same trade? I recently had a conversation with two British friends based in Manchester and are both inclined with the oil and gas field. One works at Clyde Marine, a UK Oil […]

Japanese Construction & Artificial Intelligence

Japanese construction, which has deeply suffered from the country’s prolonged labor shortage, still expects a far worse situation for the next decade with at least a million people who are set to retire from the industry. By 2025, a potential shortage of 8 million workers is expected. One of the solutions that the country has […]

UK Engineering Recruitment: STEM Inadequacy

UK engineering recruitment is currently suffering from a chronic skill shortage that hampers not just the country’s productivity, but also its economic recovery. The alarming picture was raised by Kevin Green, chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). The United Kingdom is known for having a splendid heritage of engineering excellence dating back […]


International Recruitment Agency: Rensol 2020

Renaissance Solutions PH or more popularly known as Rensol Recruitment & Consulting, branded as the fastest growing recruitment agency in the Philippines is also confirmable as a leading ethical, international recruitment agency. From their very humble beginnings up to their now extraordinary present, Rensol as an international recruitment agency has always strived to do the […]

Recruitment Practices: Top HR Solutions

Finding human resources, like any other business processes, are sets of tailored recruitment practices customized to fit the needs of the client company. In a competitive job market, the success of hiring a great candidate is a combination of a well-thought-out recruitment strategy.  Many companies are now struggling to attract and retain top talents. The […]

The Germane & The Genuine: German Automotive Engineering

High Fashion is to Italy, Haute Cuisine and Fine Dining is to France, Prestigious Educational Institutions is to the United Kingdom and Luxury Cars is to Germany. Seriously, when you think of world class automobiles, only one country comes to mind. With brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Volkswagen, German automotive engineering has proven […]

Industry Innovation: German Engineering Germination

Germany, the largest country in the European Union, has shown clear signs of growth in research and innovation. The diversity of German engineering makes them a world leader in innovation, from physics and chemistry to cars and consumer products. It is home to Nobel Prizes in the sciences and their scientific researches consistently rank the […]