Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. was recognized and appreciated for its outstanding contribution and assistance to OFWs it deployed in the Russian Federation who were affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. In the Virtual Awarding of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Beneficiaries held on April 14, 2021 via Zoom which was organized by Philippine Overseas Labor and Office (POLO) Geneva and the Philippine Embassy in Moscow, Russia, Rensol was commended by no less than the Ambassador of the Philippines to the Russian Federation, Mr. Carlos D. Sorreta. Ambassador Sorreta in delivering his message in the said event, named Mr. Arnold Mamaclay, President and CEO of Rensol, as an “Action Man”.

“The last time I met Mr. Mamaclay was during the visit of President Duterte where I have seen him shaking hands with the President. Mr. Mamaclay is someone we can rely on especially in monitoring and promoting the interest of our OFWs.” The good Ambassador also thank Mr. Mamaclay for Rensol’s dedication in always coordinating with the embassy and POLO on all issues regarding the welfare of OFWs it deployed in Russia.

Rensol acknowledgement was due to all its efforts in monitoring and coordinating the situation of OFWs it deployed in Russia. It was noted that upon learning the situation of COVID 19 pandemic in Russia affecting some workers, Rensol arranged coordination meeting with the Principal/Employer and the Embassy and discussed many ways to ensure the safety of all OFWs. The cooperation and coordination resulted to the OFWS receiving cash aid from OWWA in addition to being paid by the Employer despite the fact that no work had been done due to lockdown imposed in the project.

During the event, Rensol CEO, Arnold Mamaclay in his message highlighted that Rensol’s commitment in monitoring and assisting OFWs will always be a top priority of the company. It started when Rensol did not charge any placement fee to the all workers it deployed to Russia, making the company the leading recruitment agency for OFW deployments to Russia

The awarding was facilitated by the Philippine Embassy in Moscow, POLO Berlin, and OWWA. It was also attended by the OWWA Chief, Atty. Hans Leo Cacdac and POLO Berlin Labor Attache, Atty. Delmer Cruz.

The recognition given to Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. and its staff is greatly appreciated as it is a sign that Rensol is doing great as a highly Ethical POEA licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines and that its commitment and actions in giving “a service that is above and beyond” is effective. Even with challenging conditions regarding deployment processes due to COVID-19 pandemic, Rensol is continuously deploying workers overseas. In these difficult times is the time where everyone should help each other more. Rensol’s way is to provide work opportunities abroad without charging fees to OFWs– NO PLACEMENT FEE, NO PROCESSING, and NO SALARY DEDUCTION. Truly, “a service that is above and beyond”.

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