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How Rensol Came To Rescue a Steel Factory in the Middle East Flocked with Unfit Workers: A Case Study

Client Problem: Steel Factory in Qatar Discovered their Partner Recruitment Agency to Supply them with Workers who Fail the Required Medical Exam Client notices that accidents became frequent with the deployment of foreign workers in his factory. The steel factory in Qatar finds out that the bulk of candidates deployed by a recruitment agency from […]

How Rensol Remedied a Nurse in Turkey with a “Blabber Finger” Breaching Confidentiality: A Case Study

Client Problem: A nurse posts private information of a Turkish patient on her personal social media accounts, breaching his confidentiality A mother of a patient in Turkey complains of a nurse breaching confidentiality by posting selfies, social media updates, and comments about her good-looking son, revealing confidential information on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The alleged […]

Rensol Recruitment Reassures Promotion of Filipino Worker Rights in Dubai by Strengthening Ties with POLO Leaders

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 13, 2018 – Alongside Rensol Recruitment and Consulting’s mandate to uphold the welfare and interests of overseas Filipino workers, the agency fortified its current efforts by strengthening its connections with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO). Mr. Arnold Mamaclay, Rensol’s President & Country Manager, took the time to visit Ms. […]

Rensol Recruitment & Consulting Jumpstarts an Outstanding 2018 with a New High Profiled Customer and Ground-Breaking Service Enhancements

Quezon City, Philippines, March 20, 2018 – Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, the fastest growing recruitment agency in the Philippines, announced today that Quarter 1 2018 marked its most successful opening since its inception four (4) years ago. The company jumpstarts its business this 2018 with new high-profile customers and enhanced service features. The highlight being […]

8 Years and Counting: Anel Grup and Rensol Recruitment’s Above and Beyond Partnership

Quezon City, Philippines – March 09, 2018 – Anel, a global MEP company that realizes turn-key electrical and mechanical contracting services for international airports, tunnels and railways, roads, ports and infrastructures, strengthened its ties with Rensol Recruitment & Consulting – the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines, as it once again renewed their partnership […]

How Rensol Handled a Rude Nurse Who Abused a Disabled Patient in a Healthcare Unit: A Case Study

Client Problem: A rude nurse of a healthcare unit allegedly abuse a patient with cerebral palsy The family of the PWD patient reported an alleged abuse of a nurse to the management of a caregiving unit in United Kingdom The rude nurse was caught abusing their father through a surveillance camera set up by the […]

How Rensol Solved an Employee Theft Incident for a Hospitality Customer: A Case Study

Client Problem: Hospitality staff caught stealing from hotel guest’s luggage. Filipino bellboy opened a luggage when guest was away, and the guest complained of missing jewelries. He was caught on CCTV and the footage of the incident was uploaded on social media. The video scandal made rounds online swiftly.  RENSOL’s Solution: Investigation, Disciplinary Action, Intensive […]

I Can Go The Distance – A Valentine Special

There are the plane engines that are heard revving from afar. Families escorting their loved ones towards the departure area with the already saddened vibe. People, busy scurrying around, settling their own matters and last farewells. Parents, already missing their sons and daughters, and children, already crying for they know that dad or mom will […]

How Rensol helped a Retail Customer resolve an Overtime Pay Dispute: A Case Study

Client Problem: Former Workers Seek Overtime Pay for Work Hours They Never Rendered Groups formed at Employer Site before end of contract Former workers complained about alleged non-payment of overtime pay of previous employer. RENSOL’s Solution: Proper Coordination and Problem Solving for the Client Rensol intervened by getting individual sides of both parties regarding the […]

U to Me are Everything: Rensol Recruitment clinched a new partnership with United Masters Electromechanical (UME) LLC

Quezon City, Philippines – February 2, 2018 – United Masters Electromechanical LLC, a leading provider of electromechanical contracting and plumbing services in United Arab Emirates made a strategic investment in Rensol Recruitment – the fastest growing recruitment agency in the Philippines, in growing their pool of talented engineers to be distributed across the UAE region […]