Case Study - Oil Company

Client Problem: Construction Company in Kuwait Found to Employ Filipino Workers with No Pertinent Legal Documents

  • Client lately found that most of his newly-hired foreign construction workers were deployed by former partner agency with no pertinent legal documents.
  • The principal has little idea of the process and the management was afraid of probable legal repercussions of their recruitment.
  • Repatriation of workers will impair their operation on current projects.

Rensol’s Solution: Report the Incident to POEA; Repatriate Illegal Workers; Fast Track Deployment of Legally-Documented Construction Workers

  • Rensol advised to disconnect with their former partner recruitment agency and assisted with the revocation process as the deployment of workers with poor documents is a serious violation of the Revised Rules and Regulations on overseas recruitment imposed by POEA and was already considered as illegal recruitment.
  • Rensol reported the incident to the POEA to assist in the proper legal processes and prior repatriation of undocumented workers.
  • Alongside, Rensol’s facilitated legal processing of the client’s accreditation and recruitment of new batch of workers in the most efficient and legal way possible.

Thousands of Filipino skilled workers returned to the Philippines because of working in a foreign country as illegal, undocumented workers. These poor workers, as well as those foreign companies where they were deployed, were victims of recruitment agencies which happen to illegally deploy workers abroad without following the proper legal processes which include legally-binding accreditation of foreign principal and ethical recruitment of workers.

These recruitment agencies promise faster processes and cheaper cost, yet this enticing offer skips a lot of those legal and crucial processes. These seemingly ‘better’ offer significantly put workers’ safety and client’s reputation at great risk.

Case in Point: Talk About Illegal Recruitment

Upon consulting a lawyer, a construction project manager discovered that their newly-hired bulk of construction workers from the Philippines were undocumented and were illegally recruited to work in Kuwait.

The recruitment agency they formerly partnered with took advantage of their ignorance prior to entering the Philippine market.

Apparently, they dealt with an agency which had promised cheaper and faster process on deployment. It so happened that the company needed urgent hiring for a huge project that is soon to start. They initially turned down other recruitment agencies with a more complicated, lengthy, and costly process for the ‘too-good-to-be-true’ offer of the unlicensed agency.

Hiring illegal workers posed a major legal risk to their company, as per their lawyer. Workers sent to them might also face detention and deportation.

The bulk of undocumented workers is an impairment of the timeline set for their current projects. Their repatriation might affect their ongoing operation. However, keeping undocumented workers may seriously harm their production as well as their reputation as a company.

Rensol To the Rescue

The client contacted Rensol being one of the top established ethical recruitment agency in the Philippines.

It was found that the recruitment agency that the construction company they engaged with was not even licensed by POEA. Rensol assisted in reporting the incident to the government agency. Repatriation of undocumented workers was facilitated by the government to avoid further legal consequences with the existing law in Kuwait.

Rensol, on their part, assisted the construction company to pursue accreditation as a legal foreign employer to overseas Filipino workers and an ethical process of recruitment and documentation of workers. Rensol also promised a ‘quicker than usual’ process yet, abided with the current rules and regulations set by the POEA being an ethical and licensed agency.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

Case Study - Oil Company

Client Problem: Hospital Administrator in Dubai Discovered that Some of His Staff have been Abusing Prescription Drugs

  • Hospital admin notices inventory shrinkage in prescription drugs.
  • Some allied and medical staff from the employer’s first recruitment partner were proven positive for drug dependence.

Rensol’s Solution: Recommended Rehabilitation of Medical Staff until they Regain Full Practice Again, Recruitment of Medical Professionals Without History of Drug Abuse, Employ Stricter Rules and Launch Educational Programs in Handling of Prescription Drugs

  • Rensol, as the second recruitment partner, advised the hospital owner to subject all medical staff involved in drug diversion to a temporary suspension of license until they fully recover upon rehabilitation.
  • The partner recruitment agency recommended rigorous recruitment of medical staff with no history of drug abuse.
  • Rensol endorses imposition of stricter rules on the handling of prescription drugs and educational programs to continuously train healthcare staff on substance and drug abuse.

Even with the best and stellar medical staff you have, abuse on prescription drugs is a quiet epidemic that falls prey many hospital workers. Drug addiction is a major health risk among healthcare professionals, apart from it being a breach of their professional ethics. Aside from putting patients at risk, this can be damaging to the reputation of any healthcare facility.

Hospitals are filled with prescription painkillers which may induce craving to abused drugs. The intense physical and emotional demand of their job, along with the stress of mandatory overtime, long shifts, and unpredictable shift rotation, contributes to the temptation to steal some.

Case in Point: Drug Diversion in a Medical Workplace

The hospital owner was alarmed upon knowing that a great shrinkage has been happening in the hospital’s inventory of prescription drugs.

In an investigation, some staff deployed by their first recruitment partner had been caught using left-overs and even whole vials of drugs from the dispenser intended for patients. The management found that some staff had proven drug dependence on various prescription drugs to induce migraine, insomnia, and body pain. Many of them had thought that self-medication would not make them addicted and that medications could make them feel better.

Some medical staff were even caught forging prescriptions to acquire drugs. Some diverted drugs by only administering the partial dose to their patient and saved the left-overs for them.

Rensol Rehabilitation

With the need to source a bunch of healthcare staff from other countries, the healthcare facility sought the help of Rensol to aide in manpower needs. As part of Rensol’s mandate not just to be a manpower sourcing agent for the company, the agency deemed it necessary to support the client with its ailing human resource issue on drug dependence.

As a recommendation, Rensol advised the medical unit to provide an adequate support facility for addicted staff. This will prevent issues from coming out the hospital that may damage the facility’s reputation. This is also a responsibility for their workers as drug addiction is still a medical issue that needs to be addressed. This is a responsibility to protect patients and to help every colleague who is under distressed.

Without treating their addiction, patient safety can be jeopardized by diverting drugs from patients, possible neglect on patients, committing of mistakes, and impaired judgment. It is the ethical obligation of the employer to subject the impaired nurse to rehabilitation toward their recovery. Addiction, after all, is a treatable disease yet fatal, if left untreated.

Rensol suggested that the concerned staff’s employment must be temporarily suspended. They will have no access to narcotics and will be subjected under the supervision of a physician until full recovery.

Rensol assisted the healthcare facility to aid in their recruitment needs by sourcing staff with the smallest chance of becoming abusive to prescription drugs. Rigorous screening and background checking have been strictly done and orientation has been comprehensive to meet the demand of the job site.

Rensol recommended that the healthcare facility should have an educational program and stricter policies on the handling of prescription drugs, drug abuse, drug dependence and in how to support their colleagues who will be subjected to rehabilitation programs.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

Case Study - Oil Company

Client Problem: An employer in Turkmenistan worries about receiving complaints of subtle discrimination incidents among female oil employees to various project sites

  • Female employees from various oil fields complain of alleged discrimination in the workplace from men co-workers and even branch managers.
  • Discrimination incidents already caused the filing of resignation from some female employees from across many branches.

Rensol’s Solution: Disciplinary Action; Equality Policies; Prioritize Deployment of Highly-Skilled Female Workers to Boost Women Participation

  • As a consultant, Rensol recommends that complaints should all be taken seriously. Disciplinary action against workers involved should be imposed accordingly.
  • Impose equality policies among workers.
  • Rensol advises priority on the deployment of women to increase the diversity of workers and to promote gender equality.

It was tackled in a previous blog post that the oil and gas industry has a bad reputation as a workplace for women. The male-dominated industry was home to cases of discrimination and sexism that make attraction and retention of female workers difficult for human resource managers.

Case in Point: A Greasy Situation in an Oil Company

The senior management of an oil company in Turkmenistan worries upon receiving bulk complaints of alleged discrimination and sexism among women employees. Cases vary from inequality, favoritism, and even cat-calling.

Apparently, in every oil kiosk they have, there was only one female employee at most, in a minimum of 8 female employees per branch. The employers were doubting if they can still retain women employees as reprimanding discrimination would hurt most of their manpower, but ignoring it would surely affect their reputation.

The oil company consults Rensol Recruitment & Consulting on how they can eradicate discrimination in all their job sites.

Rensol Intervention: Responsible Reprimand and Women Empowerment

With the established expertise in the industry of talent management, Rensol can solve the gender imbalance in the oil company.

Rensol recommends imposing disciplinary action to workers concerned as addressing each incident will signify their ethical commitment that discrimination must have no room in their organization. Forgiving men and firing women will never solve the gender discrimination issue in their company but will even make them vicariously liable for the actions of their employees. Every complaint should be taken seriously. Disciplining employees by imposing reprimand will position their company to an image of integrity, that is important to keep their reputation good and sound for talent attraction and for customer satisfaction, as well.

Policy on equal opportunities should also be imposed and every employee should have read and understood that policy. Strict implementation and supervision should be set to monitor that every demand of both genders is met.

To further empower women in the workplace, Rensol advised that recruitment of female employees be a part of their priority to equalize diversity in every branch. Even with low career attractiveness, Rensol was able to source female candidates whose level of technical capabilities and qualification is at par with their male counterparts.

Recruitment of female workers has been proactive and had generated good feedbacks from job seekers from the Philippines who are seemingly attracted to the brave effort of the company to prioritize women as workers for the job ruled by men.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.


Case Study - Oil Company

Client Problem: Owner of a Convenience Store in Oman Complains of Buddy Punching among Staff across all Branches

  • Store owner discovers that his workers from across many branches practice buddy punching, causing major payroll loopholes.
  • Buddy punching happens to be practiced by Filipino workers coming from a common recruitment agency.

Rensol’s Solution: Disciplinary Action, Deployment of Professional and Experienced Branch Managers

  • The convenience store owner seeks the help of Rensol to solve their human resource issue of tardiness and buddy punching.
  • Rensol advises hiring branch managers from a separate recruitment agency who could implement store rules strictly to eliminate such unprofessional practice.
  • Rensol recruits highly-experienced branch managers for the company who undergone strict recruitment process, track record checking, and thorough deployment orientation.

Buddy Punching is a practice when one worker clocks in for another worker on their behalf when one is running late or even absent for a day. While attendance and tardiness issues are common workforce problems; breaching timekeeping records is a human resource management issue that should be addressed before this unprofessional practice becomes a norm, which may cause mild to grave consequences to your business.

Buddy punching is time theft. This also amounts to fraud for paying for work which employees did not render. In the United States, 75% of companies lose money from this malpractice.

Case in Point: Serious Buddy Punching Practice in a Convenience Store Chain

The convenience store owner, during his surprise inspections across many branches, discovers that his staff has been practicing buddy punching. Some staff apparently clock in their attendance even if the staff is running late or is in an entire day off work. Some even clock in extra overtime even if that job is never rendered by the employee.

Apparently, the practice has been a norm in many of his branches and his staff has been doing it almost one after another; and they are receiving the salary religiously as stated on their timecard. Assigned branch leaders seem to tolerate their activity as they are also guilty of being buddy punched by their subordinates. Some of them even edit time records and worse, add extra 15 minutes at some dates. All of his staff came from a common recruitment agency.

The gravity of time theft out of buddy punching surprises the convenience store owner. To knock out the unprofessional practice from existing, the owner sought the help of a Rensol Recruitment & Consulting to understand the behavior of his Filipino workers.

Rensol Intervention: Knocking Out Buddy Punching

Apart from employing technologically-advanced solutions for employee time-tracking, Rensol Recruitment suggests proper human resource management to address buddy punching and the negative ‘cooperation’ being practiced in his workplace.

Rensol understands that cooperation among Filipinos abroad is an innate value in their culture. It is a common thing that they help each other in times of need, however, if this cooperation causes harm to their employer’s business, it should be regulated accordingly.

As a protocol, committing the same violation once or twice should account for respective warning while multiple-time offenders should be given appropriate disciplinary action like temporary suspension.

Rensol doesn’t recommend dismissal or termination of any staff, instead of, suggests employing experienced branch managers who could strictly implement company rules and regulate behaviors of workers in every branch.

With Rensol’s proven competency, the owners trust them to source highly-professional and experienced branch managers to all branches of his convenience store. Rensol assures that endorsed candidates have undergone strict assessment of their track record in managing businesses with high standards of professionalism and screen them based on their knowledge of business ethics and their experience of managing staff workers’ behaviors.

Chosen branch managers are oriented with how to implement employee manuals effectively and how to employ consequences of violations. Workforce management in a smart and efficient way through effective branch managers is the most cost-effective way of addressing this serious issue.

In this way, Rensol competently helps the company knock out the practice of buddy punching and improve punctuality and honesty among workers, as well.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.


Case Study - Oil Company

Client Problem: Original Partner Recruitment Agency of a Restaurant Chain in Dubai Deploys Candidates Who Do not Undergo Thorough Background Check

  • Deployed workers in Dubai consistently displayed unruly behavior such as violent tendencies towards their co-workers, using their mobile devices while working and loudly talking to customers.
  • Upon reviewing the recruitment process of their former partner agency, background check and character referencing seemed skipped.

Rensol’s Solution: Recommended Disciplinary Action to Control Workers’ Attitudes; Turn Over of Recruitment

  • Valuing the plight of every worker overseas, Rensol Recruitment, as the partner agency who took over, recommended imposition of necessary disciplinary action. This comes with the belief that appropriate reprimand can make an improvement to their workers’ behavior.
  • With the nature of the hospitality industry, Rensol jumped in and took over the recruitment for the restaurant chain and utilized specialized background checking and strict character referencing prior deployment.

Background check in every candidate is a recruitment protocol that should not be skipped. Without the standard assessment, recruitment could be a wide door open for possible theft, sexual harassment, violence, fraud, or even drug addiction in the job site. This ethical practice could not just save their people and their customers from possible harm, but their reputation as well, as a hospitality service provider.

Recruitment with little or completely without the background check is a negligent process. Abandoning this step or overlooking the result is a habit that could endanger everyone in the workplace.

Case in Point: A Recruitment Agency who Skips Backgrounding to Expedite Process

A restaurant chain in Dubai consistently received reports from their branch managers that some staff recruited from Asia exhibited mild to alarming misbehaviors which include stealing, physical violence, and altercation. The corresponding reprimand was given to each worker but what bothers the owner the most is that the trend of incidences has been consistent and unrelenting. The owner has been worrying that if this continues, it may cause further harm to their customers, their workers, and worse, the business itself.

The owner asked their first partner recruitment agency to present a report on their professional and criminal background to assess the problem of each worker, but the original agency can’t provide substantial documents. The owner concluded that the recruitment firm may have resorted to skipping some processes, including background checks, that made their process unbelievably fast.

Workers who reach multiple reprimands were subjected to background checking and several of them have tainted records that should’ve been reported to them before their deployment in the first place. Upon learning the failure of recruitment that they never knew had transpired, the owner decided to consult another recruitment firm to know the proper course of action to take.

Rensol’s Strict Background Check and Due Diligence

Rather than termination, Rensol Recruitment recommended that problematic staff be subjected to disciplinary action to manage their behaviors. Rensol shared some talent management guide to the owner as to how they can avoid the worst-case scenario. This will be a lot more cost-effective than rehiring staff all over again.

Rensol believed that overlooking those “repetitive” bad behaviors during the recruitment process is a failure of recruitment. There is nothing costlier than hiring the wrong person.

The employer decided to stop sourcing candidates from their former partner because of negligent hiring. Hence, they turned over the partnership to Rensol Recruitment for their succeeding recruitment needs. With evidently arduous process and transparent reporting on statuses of candidates, the owner was assured that every candidate deployed is the best in quality and has foolproof clean records.

Rensol is strict with its recruitment standards and policies. Every candidate is treated with a comprehensive background check on a case-by-case basis and their past records were assessed based on its probable impact on their respective job sites.

The standard for a restaurant workplace is an extensive checking of their criminal and drug records, psychological and medical history, social security status and professional reputation. Rensol assured the company that all deployed employees are covered with due diligence to avoid problem employees in the future, which the former partner agency forgot to secure.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

Case Study - Oil Company

Client Problem: Health Facility Fails to Acquire their Urgent Staffing Needs from their Former Partner Agency

  • A newly-constructed healthcare facility in Egypt commissioned a recruitment agency in the Philippines to provide them healthcare professionals with varying fields of expertise.
  • After almost 6 months prior to the signing of the service agreement, nothing happened as the recruitment encountered difficulty in sourcing for the right talents that match their standards.
  • Only six months were left before the hospital became fully-operational.

Rensol’s Solution: Assisted the Client Company with the Most Simplified Process of Accreditation and Fast-track Recruitment

  • Rensol advised discontinuing their partnership with the former recruitment agency as per their failure to comply with some strict terms of the service agreement.
  • Due to the urgent need to fill in the large expertise demand, Rensol made the accreditation and the recruitment process faster and easier for the client.
  • With the new partner recruitment agency’s rich healthcare and medical network – sourcing for the right talents was quick and smooth. ·

In recruitment, time is more worth of gold.

Longer recruitment process may literally cost you a lot, but a rushed recruitment may even cost you more if it leads you to hire the wrong person. More than “time is gold’, timing in recruitment is everything. Having a reliable partner agency to assist in providing staffing solutions is the most cost-effective and time-efficient considering the extreme cost to hire expatriates.

Case in Point: A Partner Who Fell Short of what was Expected

A healthcare facility in Egypt decided to partner with a recruitment agency in the Philippines. The facility was still under completion and was in need to finalize the pool of their in-house health experts such as a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, internist, obstetrician-gynecologists, etc. and some bunch of surgeons and physicians as right before it opens.

The promised hassle-free accreditation went with lots of flaws that delayed everything they had initially planned. The manpower pooling started but for almost two months, no qualified profile was presented and there were no actual candidates introduced for an interview. The management doubted if the firm can provide their staffing demand given their healthcare standards.

There was only half a year left for the hospital to complete their pool of experts, but there is still no assurance from the firm if they could still comply even with the lump sum of money they had already devoted to pushing the recruitment process.

Rensol’s Medical Magic

With Rensol’s inbound marketing efforts, the client company was able to learn that there were still recruitment agencies which will not just provide them the most fitting talents, but effective staffing solutions as well to resolve their manpower crisis, all at once.

As assessed, Rensol found out that the client company had dealt with an agency without a proven track record to provide specialists and experts. Upon checking POEA records, there are still no approved job orders, thus the accreditation of the foreign company was not finalized for a couple of months already.

Rensol discussed this with the client company and they, in turn, decided to let Rensol take over the job being neglected by the negligent recruitment firm.  With a simpler and standardized process in accreditation assistance and the overwhelming compliance of the client company, the job order was accredited in less than 3 weeks.

Recruitment Process

Gantt Chart: Rensol’s Standard Recruitment Process

With Rensol’s vast in-house database of healthcare professionals seeking opportunities abroad, it has never been difficult for the recruitment agency to source their manpower demand with the most qualified one. With effective recruitment marketing, advertisement produced attracted surplus feedback to interested candidates. Assessment, Interviews, and Background Checking were all accomplished in a span of 3 weeks. On the fourth week, pre-selected candidates were already presented to the employer and were already assessed for a final interview.

Selected healthcare experts were subjected to an accelerated processing and documentation, visa stamping, and OEC issuance in less than 2 months, and was deployed flawlessly afterward just on time for the opening of the healthcare facility.

Even with a tight timeframe, Rensol was able to produce the best choices for each job descriptions with its expedited, yet careful talent attraction and selection.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.


Case Study - Oil Company

Client Problem: Steel Factory in Qatar Discovered their Partner Recruitment Agency to Supply them with Workers who Fail the Required Medical Exam

  • Client notices that accidents became frequent with the deployment of foreign workers in his factory.
  • The steel factory in Qatar finds out that the bulk of candidates deployed by a recruitment agency from the Philippines failed their medical exam and are unfit to work.
  • The said Philippine recruitment agency allegedly fakes the medical status of their workers despite the safety risks in a factory workplace.

Rensol’s Solution: Assist in Revocation of Former Partner Agency to POEA, Expedite Process to Replace Incompatible Workers with Fit-to-Work Workers

  • The steel factory sought the help of Rensol to solve the health and safety hazard of retaining unfit workers.
  • Rensol advised to disconnect with the former recruitment agency and assisted with the revocation process as faking medical status is a serious violation of the Revised Rules and Regulations on overseas recruitment imposed by POEA.
  • Due to the urgent need to fill in the large gap on vacated position, Rensol executed a contingency plan in accreditation and recruitment process in the fastest, yet more ethical way.

High standards of physical fitness are vital in a factory workplace with all those rotating equipment and heavy machinery one may be exposed to. Apparently, accident-proneness of a worker is correlated to one’s fitness for the job. With all the hazards, a worker’s technical skills and medical fitness are necessary factors during staff recruitment to an unsafe environment.

Apart from the danger that this pose to their health and their co-workers’, the cost of an accident to the company, even with the worker’s own negligence, is financially hurting and practically troubling to the factory’s operation.

That’s why the pre-employment medical examination is one of the important requisite before a worker’s deployment to the job site. Assurance from an accredited clinic that the worker is fit enough to work is the final go signal for a recruitment agency to pursue one’s application. The medical result is a significant determinant of a candidate’s effectiveness in the workplace, as well as his compatibility to survive the harshest of the conditions.

Case on Point: A Steel Factory Flocked with Unfit Workers

After a month of deployment of a bulk of Filipino workers to a steel company in Qatar, the management complained of the number of accidents happening each day despite the specialized skill training, strict supervision, and safety policies being imposed. Each accident cost them a lot. Apart from the financial assistance they provide, impediment of processes caused serious harm to their operations.

The owner finally decided to reevaluate their medical status as he suspected that their negligence and proneness to accident might be caused by something their company may not have control.

After evaluation, more than half of the newly-deployed employees failed the medical exam. Some workers were found to be obese, diabetic, anemic, and high-blood, while a big slice even has liver and lung diseases. Some are even over-age to their prescribed age during recruitment. The client company got back to the responsible recruitment agency, but the latter insisted that they could no longer do something about it since they were already deployed and have been working for a month in their factory. They insisted the legitimacy of their medical certificate and the contract they were bound to follow.

To lessen safety issues and possible legal complications in case of serious accidents that may possibly happen with the kind of workers they have, the client company seek an agency from the country to assist in resolving their dilemma.

Rensol’s Intermediation and Emergency Substitution

The client company sought the help of another recruitment agency to aid this serious human resource problem. When the case was presented before Rensol, it was made under study and it was concluded that the company was misled by their former partner recruiters when the bulk of deployed employees were confirmed to be unfit to work even before their deployment.

Under investigation, their medical exam was forced to be conducted in an unaccredited clinic by the Gulf Cooperation Council-(GCC) Accredited Medical Clinics Association (GAMCA). Papers of their medical results even suggested that some details were forged and manipulated. Rensol was easy to conclude that this is a clear ground for revocation due to non-compliance with the rules and regulations set by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Rensol reported the incident to POEA and the partnership of the two were soon dissolved. Unfit workers, whose lives may just be put in danger with the hazardous environment of a steel manufacturing, were subjected to repatriation.

Because of the immediate need to fill in the large gap of vacated slots, the client company decided to affiliate with Rensol to replace the ill agency and to continue the disrupted partnership to aid in their manpower needs.

With Rensol’s proven track record in the easy, convenient, and fast processing of accreditation documents and their sound relationship with the government, the process was expedited, and recruitment was even started earlier than expected.

The first batch of deployment of legitimately fit-to-work workers was made successful in a short span of time.  With Rensol’s strict compliance with the Rules and Regulations on recruitment processes provided by POEA, the steel company was able to equip its manpower with highly-competitive and qualified workers and medically fit ones that can survive the inevitable health hazards.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in the Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

Case Study - Oil Company

Client Problem: A nurse posts private information of a Turkish patient on her personal social media accounts, breaching his confidentiality

  • A mother of a patient in Turkey complains of a nurse breaching confidentiality by posting selfies, social media updates, and comments about her good-looking son, revealing confidential information on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • The alleged posts pose risk to the confidentiality of his son’s private data as it discusses the patient’s name, his medical condition, and the treatment he has been undergoing.

Rensol’s Solution: Negotiation, Disciplinary Action, Propose a Confidentiality Agreement for New Hires

  • The partner recruitment agency negotiates to ease the possible criminal implication of confidentiality breach.
  • The nurse has been reprimanded accordingly.
  • Rensol proposes a Confidentiality Agreement that would be signed by all deployed Filipino employees.

Every patient’s medical records are of great personal significance and malicious access of which, or worse, an inappropriate disclosure is a serious infringement on privacy and confidentiality.

When it comes to confidentiality, nurses follow a strict code of conduct to keep the privacy of each patient. Blabbermouths (blabber fingers in the age of social media) within the ranks of health care providers have been prominent when social networking platforms arise as sharing anything and everything online has been convenient unlike before.

It is an ethical responsibility of a nurse to keep information learned from the patient in the context of a nurse-to-patient relationship. It is because this relationship is built on privacy and confidentiality, and any information shared and obtained should be treated with utmost confidence. Anyone breaching this code of conduct should be subject to apt disciplinary action.

Case in Point: An Ill Case of a Blabber Finger

A Turkish parent of a patient presented screen-captured images before the client a series of posts and comments from Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat showing how a nurse attending her good-looking, 17-year-old son, confined with a communicable disease, shared images/selfies, confidential information, and other care-related scenarios they had online.

Alleged social media updates didn’t display the name of the patient but still bothers his guardian for a possible harm, such action may cause his son’s reputation.

In an initial inquiry, the nurse clarified that there is no intention to expose her patient. She claimed that her only purpose is to post personal updates on what she’s been doing overseas to her family and friends in the Philippines.

However, withholding a patient name on an online post like hers is insufficient and is never an excuse. Posting pictures and updates about patients are intolerable activities in a healthcare environment. This is considered a serious breach of the patient’s privacy and confidentiality.

Rensol’s Prescription

Based on the guide issued by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) on how nurses should utilize social media, even if the act was found unintentional, the nurse could be terminated on the grounds of unprofessional and unethical conduct, moral turpitude, mismanagement of patient records, and breach of confidentiality.

Apart from negotiating a possible criminal charge that may result to temporary or permanent license revocation of the nurse and fines to be paid by the hospital, Rensol successfully convinced the aggrieved party to let the offense be managed internally.

The Philippine partner recruitment agency believes that the best way to address social media privacy policies is to discuss it directly with the accused.  The nurse ended up facing a temporary suspension sanctioned by the hospital’s management.

Rensol recommended strengthening privacy policies in the said hospital. Prior to healthcare recruitment, Rensol encouraged the hospital to orient every new hire with a confidentiality agreement. This will clarify what information is allowed and is not allowed to be shared and the corresponding consequences in case of violation. Preferably, this should be signed as soon as Rensol deployed new health care staff on their job site.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in the Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.


Case Study - Oil Company

Client Problem: Bartender Reported to Cause Major Inventory Shrinkage for Alleged Employee Theft

  • Omani Bar owner notices great shrinkage on his liquor inventory.
  • A waiter reported an alleged employee theft by a bartender before the owner with eyewitness accounts.
  • The Omani employer has no idea how to reprimand the bartender’s different form of theft.

Rensol’s Solution: Provide HR Solutions, Investigation Assistance, Disciplinary Action

  • Prior to the assistance sought by the bar owner, the partner Philippine recruitment agency recommended an investigation with respect to the right to privacy and respect for reputation.
  • Upon confirmation, Rensol assisted the Omani employer in reprimanding the bartender, and in imposing a just disciplinary action against the accused employee as provided in Art. 145 of the Revised POEA Rules and Regulations Governing the Recruitment and Employment of Land-based Overseas Filipino Workers of 2016.

For bar and restaurants, theft doesn’t just involve sneaking out of stocks outside an establishment’s premises, a simple free drink to a friend is already theft, and when it becomes a habitual practice from one of your staff, it may result to a greater dilemma of inventory shrinkage.

As for bar owners, a bartender could steal from you in various ways even if not resorting to bagging of liquor inside their boots. These various ways are the undetectable ones and if left ignored over time, it could be a crippling financial loss that may hurt your business.

Shrinkage is the mismatch between the actual inventory and net sales that is primarily due to employee theft or fraud. Even with the most skilled and most loved bartender in your bar, one may commit the kind of theft you will never expect.

Case in Point: Just Drink Don’t Sink

An Omani bar owner has been suffering great financial loss for a few months due to an apparent inventory shrinkage for a reason he can’t identify. Based on a surveillance camera, there is no sneaking out of bottles that had transpired. He has been totally clueless on how imbalance on sales and inventory happened until a waiter came out in the open to tell what he has been seeing for a long time.

The bartender hired from the Philippines was alleged to be stealing from him in an odd way. Based on eyewitness accounts of the waiter, the Filipino bartender has this crazy tactic in order to pocket cash and to have extra income from customers. He said that the bartender dilutes water to shots of liquor served to produce more shots out of it. He substitutes a lower brand of liquor for an order of premium liquor shots, he shrinks servings into two shot glasses, and he even brings his own bottles of liquor to be served.

The bar owner was shocked that this kind of misbehavior contributed greatly to the bar’s financial status. He has entirely no idea on how to classify this kind of theft and on how to solve issues like this in his workplace. With claims he had received from the waiter, he sought Rensol’s expertise on what to do next to the employee the agency has deployed.

Rensol’ Intervention

Rensol believes that in cases like this, the employer should take note of due processes and an employee’s right to privacy and respect for his reputation.

Rensol recommended conducting an investigation via surveillance. Rensol asked him to send some assets to observe their foreign bartender. This type of surveillance does not violate the employee’s right to privacy as its workplace is a public place. It was done for a couple of nights to ensure that the integrity of the employee was protected against intrusive investigation or wrongful accusation.

It was confirmed that the bartender has been robbing the bar blindly night in and night out. The staff committed a willful breach of trust and confidence against his bar employer. Such acts of dishonesty or fraud may not be sanctionable directly to dismissal, the ultimate of all penalties, but a just disciplinary action would already suffice.

It may not be Rensol’s responsibility to reprimand deployed employees but the agency guided the bar owner with principles of proportionality to take the bartender’s conduct into account. Rensol assisted in discussing the problem with the bar staff. With an evident expression of remorse from the bartender, the owner was convinced to reprimand him only with a justifiable suspension for a week without pay.

With Rensol’s above and beyond promise to all our clients, we assure them that problems like this will be resolved hand in hand with our established best practices in human resource management and consulting.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.


Case Study - Oil Company

Client Problem: A rude nurse of a healthcare unit allegedly abuse a patient with cerebral palsy

  • The family of the PWD patient reported an alleged abuse of a nurse to the management of a caregiving unit in United Kingdom
  • The rude nurse was caught abusing their father through a surveillance camera set up by the hospital
  • The family demanded the healthcare facility to replace and reprimand her
  • The nurse has been one of the most trusted and experienced nurse they have that made it difficult for the management to just fire her and send her back to the Philippines

Rensol’s Solution: Rensol served as a Consultant and Partner

  • As a consultant, Rensol advised the principal to follow due process
  • Guided employer to do proper investigation and notices
  • After a fair and careful review, the Filipino nurse was counseled and thereafter terminated and have her license revoked, in compliance with nursing jurisprudence.

Quality healthcare relies heavily on quality caregiving. Adeptness of healthcare professionals in the field and attitude toward providing services are vital elements apart from upfront technology and state of the art facilities. Healthcare is humanitarian and services are expected to be humane.

Knowledge and aptitude in healthcare services are easily detectable in the recruitment process, but a candidate’s attitude and behavior are another. While it’s a tough job for healthcare recruitment agencies to hire the most fitting candidate, it’s an above and beyond responsibility to assure their behavior when deployed in their respective wards.

Rudeness and neglect to a patient with a disability is a grave violation of the code of conduct of healthcare providers, as highlighted in the code of ethics provided by the American Nurses Association (ANA). And it is something we never expect to come from people who are supposed to give them excellent care.

Case on Point: Rude Nurse Abusing a Person with Disability

The family of a patient in a private ward in United Kingdom complained of a nurse because of her alleged rude behavior to their father who has cerebral palsy. The complaints were first ignored by the healthcare facility due to lack of evidence and the nurse has been one of the most promising workers they had in their establishment.

Because of apparent skin bruises, weight loss, and unexplained fear of their father toward his nurse, the family set up a hidden camera to capture if the said nurse really neglects their father. Apparently, what they’ve seen is more than of what they have expected from just plain rudeness, it has been abhorrent.

In the said footage that was shown to the management, the nurse was caught being verbally abusive to their father. She easily got angry whenever the poor man fails to obey her instructions. She even groped him on his neck harshly and scold him hardly while mobilizing and transferring him to places. During mealtime, she never assisted their father to eat his food and whenever their father goes to the restroom to urinate.

The family of the helpless PWD could not just tolerate how the rude nurse throws her heavy hand to his frail body.  She even pushes the medicine to his mouth and even let him skip some doses. Believing that her behavior was inhumane enough and unethical in her chosen profession, the family filed their grievances anew with the hospital’s administration now with a concrete evidence enough to terminate her.

Rensol Intervention: Compliance with Disciplinary Measures and Labor Laws

The nurse has been proven guilty of “disability abuse” due to physical violence, neglect of care, verbal and emotional abuse to the vulnerable victim. As per nursing jurisprudence, disability abuse is just an administrative case, yet penalties shouldn’t be less because the victim had a disability. Anyone guilty of disability abuse is subject to termination and revocation of nursing license.

Rensol acted with due diligence and studied the legitimacy of complaints. With a fair and unbiased review of the incident, Rensol and the client agreed to subject the nurse under counseling as appropriate disciplinary action and as provided in nursing jurisprudence, the staff was terminated thereafter and was sent back to the Philippines with a revoked license.

With Rensol’s assistance, the case was not elevated to a criminal case or worse, a viral healthcare controversy. Rensol and the healthcare unit successfully encouraged the family of the victim to delete their copy of the footage given with a replacement nurse, which was taken care of by Rensol, damage fees were paid, and free hospitalization was offered as well by the healthcare facility.

Apart from Rensol’s responsibility to protect our deployed workers, we also embraced the task of protecting our clients from misbehaviors that may damage their reputation and credibility as a healthcare provider. This may be above the recruitment task we are bound to do, the accountability to all our recruits when they misbehave is a promise our untainted brand of ethical recruitment has been promoting.

Rensol abided with all the rules and measures provided for incidents like such as an act of fairness and accountability to the principal. The Philippine recruitment agency deemed rude attitude as totally unacceptable, especially in a healthcare facility.


ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.