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The oil and gas industry recruitment is in need to source 120,000 new employees globally over the next 10 years, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers research.

Along with the rise in the number of job opportunities is the shrinking on the pool of highly-skilled professionals. The Oil & Gas Global Salary Guide 2015 reveals that the skill shortage resulted from inadequate knowledge transfer to successors and too low number of new energy entrants.

Oil and gas industry recruitment is generally a candidate-driven landscape due to skills shortage and the niche expertise that is required. It’s like fishing in a small pond with a few fishes, along with a group of fishermen.

Hiring local workers is difficult for many countries as the skill set of the local workforce doesn’t match the immediate needs of many oil and gas companies.

The industry is losing the competition for talent recruitment especially with attracting millennials, Apparently, this generation sees it as dirty, difficult, dangerous, and lacking work-life balance. Current recruitment methods are failing to reach millennials, the largest portion of today’s workforce.

Industry Recruitment Agencies

Aside from targeting the young people, the industry needs a continuous pipeline of foreign workers with the required skills, experience, and work ethics. The success of an oil and gas industry recruitment campaign relies a lot on the keen choice of a manpower recruitment agency.

Oil and gas industry recruitment welcomes any people with the necessary skill and the willingness to learn, no matter what the background is. Every oil and gas recruiter know that skills can always be taught but being culture fit is another.

Workers with enough experiences in automotive, construction, engineering, and any other related industries can surely adapt to the high standards of work performance in the oil and gas industry. These industries have many workers who could possess skills that are transferable to other industries. Recruitment agencies can definitely identify these competencies from workers.

The industry can be assured that new recruits can meet the job and safety requirements. Placement agencies guarantee that every deployed worker can apply their knowledge and experiences as reflected in their degrees and certifications.

Contracting oil and gas industry recruitment agencies is the best way to handle the hiring of oil and gas talents because they screen individuals and go over their experiences and skill set in detail. They are keen in providing the requirements of the company as exactly as they need. It is more convenient for oil and gas companies to hire less-experienced workers up to recruiting senior executives with precision.

With fewer people to deal with unlike any other industries, building relationship is a must in the exercise of headhunting. Recruiters generally work with intelligent and experienced people, experts in their field across a variety of roles. Oil and gas industry recruitment is a partnership towards the realization of any oil and gas project no matter how big or small.

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