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Germany, the largest country in the European Union, has shown clear signs of growth in research and innovation. The diversity of German engineering makes them a world leader in innovation, from physics and chemistry to cars and consumer products.

It is home to Nobel Prizes in the sciences and their scientific researches consistently rank the best in the world over. In a report by the Harvard Business Review, national success in innovation and growth isn’t really won by the United States or China, it is actually Germany which had won sustainability and diversity in many facets of engineering. The country has proven itself effective in adapting their many inventions to their industry and in spreading them throughout many businesses.

Constructive Innovation

German engineering is constantly training its workforce to enable them with all the most radical innovations that they are continuously adapting.

These innovations geared toward their empowerment and in improving their productivity. Unlike other disruptive changes that reduce the need for manpower, German engineering continuously creates and sustains good jobs across many spectrums. Sustenance of employment growth ensures real income expansion among many engineering firms in the country.

Mechanical engineering and plant engineering, being its most innovative industries, is its largest employer for engineers. Engineering has always been Germany’s hottest job fields. Qualified engineers are benefitted with solid salaries and wholistic perks.

Engineering Recruitment

Challenges facing German engineering are a national priority. Their government even launched an initiative called, “Industrie 4.0” to assist companies in digitization and in reducing their dependence on US technology.  This initiative suggests the need for a multitude of engineers to fully implement these changes.

The Federation of German Engineers foresees the need for the recruitment of about 85,200 engineers. The labor gap is expected to increase 3x over the next decade. By 2026, it was even expected that tens of thousands of engineering jobs will be considered  ‘hard-to-fill’.

Germany has over 1.7 million engineers but over 37% of them are already at least 50 years old. This accounts to more than 600,000 engineers that will retire in the next decade.

Big German engineering companies already started looking for professionals abroad. Everyone in the industry is increasingly aware of the lack of German engineers so they have opened to sponsoring Visa for applicants outside EU. The selection process has been really focused on technical skills rather than the nationality of each applicant.

International applicants are guaranteed with an easier path to fill in open engineering positions as the government has taken measures to support recruitment campaign outside Germany and has also been supporting programs that target engineers from high-unemployment countries like the Philippines.


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