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Rensol Recruitment Ties the Knot with Sankyu Saudi Arabia

Sankyu, an international service provider for engineering, logistics, and operational support originated in Japan, tied a partnership knot with Rensol Recruitment – the fastest growing recruitment agency in the Philippines, in upgrading their manpower of skilled professionals for maintenance, rotating, and static equipment to big projects based in Rabigh/Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Sankyu, which name was […]

HR Guide: Creating an Amazing Candidate Experience

If you want to hire the best team for your business, it’s vital to make a good first impression. Especially if you’re competing for top talent in an in-demand marketplace, the hiring process is as much an interview for the company as it is for the candidate. That’s why it’s too important to deliver a […]


Honest Rensol workers in Russia return found wallet to Uzbek colleague

Three Rensol workers in Russia make us proud by returning a wallet to their foreign colleague with cash amounting to 40k Rubles (Php 32k) and an ATM last September 1, 2018. Rensol Recruitment deployed Victor Adel, Jr., Michael Algones, and Norven Antenor, natives of Batangas City, as pipefitters to the Tobolsk project site of the […]

Industry Innovation: German Engineering Germination

Germany, the largest country in the European Union, has shown clear signs of growth in research and innovation. The diversity of German engineering makes them a world leader in innovation, from physics and chemistry to cars and consumer products. It is home to Nobel Prizes in the sciences and their scientific researches consistently rank the […]

Filipino Hospitality = Compassion & Empathy

People tend to connect with someone they like, not very different from them. In the hospitality industry, workers are obliged to connect with various people, regardless if they do or don’t like them that much. Roman Krznaric, a writer and a professor at The School of Life, argues that in cases such as this, compassion […]

Rensol Recruitment & Consulting’s Corporate Summer Outing 2018

“High tides and good vibes” was the battle cry of the whole Rensol Recruitment & Consulting team as they went and exalted to Jomalig Island, Quezon Province for their annual summer getaway and team building last May 18 – 20, 2018. Everyone came rigorously excited. Men in their rash guards and board shorts, women in […]

Humanness: The Greatest Asset of The Brick and Mortar Stores in the Retail Industry

A physical storage vs. the Cloud, paperback vs. e-book, manual vs. automatic – the battle between digital and traditional continues and has now reached even the low-profile walls of the retail industry. The 21st-century retail, as always, runs on the art of persuading people to purchase products. However, in recent years, there’s been a gradual […]

Will My Nursing Career Improve by Being Multilingual?

Your bilingual capacity can heighten your competitiveness in your nursing career! The ability to read, write, and speak a second language is a skill which is desired in virtually every career.  It is very much true especially if you’re aiming to get a job in an international based company. Competition is real! This also applies […]

Selling Your Retail Business to Star Performers – Millennials

It was formerly discussed in a previous blog post: https://rensol.com/fill-local-employment-retail-hospitality-industries/) how the retail and hospitality industries are struggling  with the generational shift to MENA millennials and how potential partner recruitment agencies in the Philippines like Rensol Recruitment can contribute strategically in supplying the world’s increasing demand on retail and hospitality workforce to abridge our local […]