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Timetric, a construction journal, has been predicting that Russian construction recruitment signals return to growth as more and more investors are gaining confidence in their construction industry. Russian construction is one of the world’s largest. Moscow, the country’s capital, is full-packed with large-scale projects with its urban expansion. The country is anticipating making use of construction recruitment agencies now more than ever.

Apart from urban development and construction of railways, residential constructions are on the rise to revive its build and interiors sector. Demand for housing dramatically reaches a record high of 37.5%. Construction plans include renovation of tens of thousands of housing blocks, the building of new subway stations, and hundred kilometers of new roads.  Hence, the rise of construction recruitment agencies offering and providing similar talent acquisition services to meet these upcoming demands.

Rensol Recruitment, one of the leading construction recruitment agencies in the Philippines to Russia with the highest number of ongoing deployment, has the most active recruitment of skilled professionals bound to some of the biggest construction projects in the largest country in the world.

It was just recently when Russia was hailed to be a promising job destination for overseas Filipino workers given with the continuing diplomatic ties between their government and the Philippine government.

Rensol, as one of the best construction recruitment agencies in the Philippines, has deployed thousands of Filipino skilled professionals to big oil, gas, chemical, engineering and construction projects in the country. There is still an ongoing recruitment as there are still thousands of skilled workers in the pending roll to be deployed to Russia.

Russia has been diligent with illegal aliens and illegal foreign workers entering their country. POEA has been reminding workers and even clients to only deal with legitimate construction recruitment agencies.

One of Rensol’s first and lasting accounts is Renaissance Heavy Industries, the construction branch of Rönesans Holding and also the leading Turkish Construction contractor in Russia. They are responsible for the building of light production plants, heavy industry plants, energy plants, infrastructure plants, shopping malls, offices, hotels, factories, and government buildings in the World’s largest country.

Rensol believes that a successful recruitment practice in construction should not just involve finding qualified workers, but also those who can fit the work environment and could stay for a longer time. It was among construction recruitment agencies where attracting of skilled professionals start. Russian clients such as RHI find the current process of Rensol as very satisfactory in their current need.

The consistent track record of Rensol, one of the best Russian Construction Recruitment Agencies with its seasoned construction recruitment consultants and specialists, made the company one of the most reliable in the Philippines in terms of engineering and construction recruitment solutions such as effective headhunting schemes and onboarding, managing employee turnover, and employee retention.

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