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Japan, despite being denied of rich resources, is blessed with the gifts of innovative and tech-minded people. Unfortunately, the country suffers from an abundance of jobs, yet too few workers are available to fill in every vacancy. As per Japan Times, the low fertility rate in the country and high life expectancy impacts the number of the local workforce. Many businesses in Japan are suffering from attracting the right number of employees they need. The skilled level of Japan’s Automotive Industry for one, being less sought-after, have been nearly impossible from being filled.

It is an important aspect to take notice that the local younger generation is not attracted to the skilled and mechanical posts of Japan’s Automotive Industry. The industry is going out of skilled and efficient workers. People are mostly in their retirement age and automakers couldn’t find a younger replacement for each of them. This is even with the Japanese world-known talent management schemes which include egalitarian compensation, lifetime employment, and tenure-based advancement.

In a study by the Recruit Works Institute, one in three Japanese companies are consistently failing to meet recruitment targets. The said tight labor market pushes for fewer job inquiries from workers for a common job title. Japan’s Automotive Industry has inexorably shrinking working-age population and there is no way of expanding the labor pool to correspond every job seeker to the abundance of jobs accordingly.

Turning Global

Japanese are very welcoming when it comes to dealing with international partners. With a stronger yen and undeniable shrinking of its domestic market, many companies under Japan’s Automotive Industry are trying to consider global recruitment in the coming of the new age, this is despite cultural and language barriers that some had found frustrating. Japan is still less global compared to its neighbouring countries as their way into globalization is still a work in progress.

Japan, being a monocultural and monolinguist country, has been critically trying to move to English as it opens itself to the vast world of talent. Little by little, companies are realizing the importance of embracing globalization and considering English as a second language to attain a rich exchange of talented people, especially In Asia.

Companies within Japan’s Automotive Industry are credible enough to be global leaders given their adeptness in manufacturing and technological prowess. Even in a slower pace, Japan as a sleeping giant is beginning to wake up. They have started by the recruitment of foreign automotive executives to take care of their international relations.

The role of automotive recruitment agencies like Rensol Recruitment is to promote active participation among the labour force by encouraging diversity in the workplace. Rensol’s major role is to help the most-fitting automotive and mechanical job seekers and employers find each other. Japan’s Automotive Industry is a goldmine and its entrance into the international job market is a big opportunity for a rich cultural and economic exchange for labor-rich countries.

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