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Recruitment Practices: Top HR Solutions

Finding human resources, like any other business processes, are sets of tailored recruitment practices customized to fit the needs of the client company. In a competitive job market, the success of hiring a great candidate is a combination of a well-thought-out recruitment strategy.  Many companies are now struggling to attract and retain top talents. The […]

Japan’s Automotive Industry Turns Global

Japan, despite being denied of rich resources, is blessed with the gifts of innovative and tech-minded people. Unfortunately, the country suffers from an abundance of jobs, yet too few workers are available to fill in every vacancy. As per Japan Times, the low fertility rate in the country and high life expectancy impacts the number […]

HR Affairs: Cost of Employee Retention

Employee retention is a conflict of engagement. A company couldn’t engage an employee who doesn’t stay, as an employee wouldn’t stay if they are not engaged. In a survey of 5,000 professionals by the Recruitment Buzz in the UK, workers who are quitting their jobs appear to double from 2014 to 2017 (17% to 32%). […]

How Rensol Ensures Foolproof Staff by Background Checking: A Case Study

Client Problem: Original Partner Recruitment Agency of a Restaurant Chain in Dubai Deploys Candidates Who Do not Undergo Thorough Background Check Deployed workers in Dubai consistently displayed unruly behavior such as violent tendencies towards their co-workers, using their mobile devices while working and loudly talking to customers. Upon reviewing the recruitment process of their former […]

How Rensol Disciplined a Bartender who was Causing Major Shrinkage in a Wine and Dine Business in Oman: A Case Study

Client Problem: Bartender Reported to Cause Major Inventory Shrinkage for Alleged Employee Theft Omani Bar owner notices great shrinkage on his liquor inventory. A waiter reported an alleged employee theft by a bartender before the owner with eyewitness accounts. The Omani employer has no idea how to reprimand the bartender’s different form of theft. Rensol’s […]