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POLO Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 13, 2018 – Alongside Rensol Recruitment and Consulting’s mandate to uphold the welfare and interests of overseas Filipino workers, the agency fortified its current efforts by strengthening its connections with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO).

Mr. Arnold Mamaclay, Rensol’s President & Country Manager, took the time to visit Ms. Felicitas Q. Bay – Labor Attaché II, Mr. Antonio M. Mutuc Jr. – Supervising Officer & Head of Employment and the rest of POLO Dubai to consult the current condition of the overseas employment program and to consolidate the present challenges being faced by Filipino workers in the region.

Rensol’s head praised the hospitality and ease of service he experienced during his visit. Mamaclay also took note of how advanced and how convenient their automation on processes, and how they stick to their obligation to ensure the implementation of labor policies to all expat workers within that territory.

POLO Dubai, on the other hand, expressed enthusiasm upon learning that Rensol is still a non-fee charging recruitment agency and that it continuously advocates ethical and fair recruitment among all their deployed candidates.

Dubai, aside from being one of the richest cities in the world, is also a top job destination for OFWs. It is home to the largest population of overseas workers in the United Arab Emirates. With a minimum salary of US$400, Filipino talents are distributed to construction, engineering and architecture, cargo shipping and tourism, retail, hospitality, marketing, real estate, telecommunications and information technology and healthcare industries. Domestic workers also constitute a big portion of Filipino workers there.

Along with Rensol’s above and beyond service to ensure that every worker deployed is in good hands, the agency deems it strategic to be aligned with the vision and mission of POLO to protect overseas workers and to be coordinated with foregoing initiatives in providing decent and legitimate opportunities to the Filipino labor force.  

POLO Dubai Office

Every overseas Filipino worker deployed are protected by Philippine labor policies and programs, and the cooperation of POLO offices, which supervises its strict implementation, and recruitment agencies in the Philippines like Rensol is a tactical approach to combat abuses and to elevate moralities of overseas employment. 

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