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Why does being on trend mature into a critical issue in recruitment?

Well, it’s the thing called recruitment competition in knowledge on the know-how’s; competition in the crowded Recruitment Industry especially in the Middle East where strict compliance applies. To start becoming an effective recruiter you must know the ins and outs in the recruitment process or else, you’ll find yourself hanged out of the region.

Major Recruitment Trends in the Middle East are as follows:

Trend #1. Nationalization Pressure

One of the top priorities for Gulf region governments in recent times has been to increase the share of private sector jobs held by nationals.

Small populations and the lack of local skills and rapidly growing economy have driven ever upward the demand for foreign candidates.

Various countries are taking measures to increase nationalization. Saudi Arabia has embarked on Saudization, while Kuwait has also taken measures to make expatriates less employable, by limiting professions in which expatriates can be employed.  Similar measures have been taken by the emirates in the form of Emiratization.

Trend #2. Worker Protection

Governments in the Gulf are gradually working to improve worker conditions mainly due to the heavy criticism from international media.

This issue came to bear recently in the Emirates when a report from the Guardian found that dozens of South Asian migrant laborers were found to be living in poor conditions.

In response, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates have launched a wage protection system to ensure payment of salaries on time. UAE has removed a six-month visa ban on employees who left their jobs while the Kafala (worker sponsorship) system in Qatar changed to ensure more protection

Trend #3. Conservative Hiring

Reduced oil prices and government spending cuts have made businesses cautious in the Middle East. Companies are looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency by undertaking restructuring, merging job roles and outsourcing candidates for a lot of jobs.

With hiring under more scrutiny, companies are looking to focus on candidates who can perform a wide range of duties. This, in turn, created a market where top talent got freed up and was made available.

Trend #4. Tensions Building Between Countries

Diplomatic Tensions and burgeoning military conflicts have been rising steadily in the Middle East, putting further demands on government finances.

These tensions have translated to restrictions. The attention from international media makes it more difficult for companies to attract expatriate talents and securing employment visas for candidates continues to be a challenge. With political tensions on the rise, employers may need to look elsewhere for Arabic-speaking candidates.

Also, more pain is likely to follow if the current low prices remain the same which will have a big effect on the recruitment industry. Still, the Middle East remains a haven for large development projects, and these states remain in a better position due to investments and large government reserves.


Why know these things? Simple… because recruitment is not easy, you should know everything by heart and mind. It isn’t just about meeting the requirements; it is all about knowing the country you are serving; their culture, their government and laws, their people and their beliefs to become successful.

To secure a spot in recruitment in the Middle East, first, you must be equipped with the right knowledge about the region.

Have you had first hand experiences on the Trends in the Middle East we’ve mentioned? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!

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