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There is a shift occurring in the Middle East business world, especially for the retail and hospitality industries, that all companies need to take into consideration as they move forward. As Generation X move towards retirement and a less cumbersome lifestyle, more jobs will open for millennials. In addition to this generational shift, the retail and hospitality industries are growing and booming, so there are even more job positions to fill. The problem lies in the lack of millennials in the Middle East region moving in to fill these jobs. Typically, it seems that today’s generation leans towards white collar jobs, whereas Gen-X was more on the blue-collar jobs.

With this in mind, all Retail and Hospitality companies in the region need to focus on finding the appropriate people for the upcoming vacancies. Since there is a shortage of talents in the local population, it is high time for MENA Retail and MENA Hospitality to get skilled workers elsewhere. Incidentally, countries in the Asia Pacific, specifically, the Philippines has proven to be a gold mine for talents.

Now, these industries in the Philippines are big but not as successful and prosperous as their Middle Eastern counterparts. Therefore, a lot of talents who specializes in these fields and have a considerable amount of experience either wait for local opportunities in their field of expertise that might not arrive or chooses to work in a completely different field. Hence, they are wasted. Fortunately, there are a number of reputable partner recruitment agencies in the Philippines such as Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. who can find and are able to source these talents on stand-by and deploy them to the companies needing their service.

Ultimately, if these two industries in the region want to fill the gap in workers, they need to update themselves and come to terms with the talent acquisition trade of this age. Overseas recruitment is a must. The way of hiring and staffing must be updated.

It is due season for the retail and hospitality industries to catch up with the next generation of workers.

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