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Finding human resources, like any other business processes, are sets of tailored recruitment practices customized to fit the needs of the client company.

In a competitive job market, the success of hiring a great candidate is a combination of a well-thought-out recruitment strategy.  Many companies are now struggling to attract and retain top talents. The skills shortage is in abundance.  Formulation of sound recruitment practices that are efficient and effective have been done by top recruiters to successfully obtain the best and the brightest candidates.

Recruitment is a tough job. Failure to get the right applicants will surely hurt your business and your clients. Seasoned recruiters have these six best recruitment practices on how they could streamline strategies to find and hire the best among the rest.


  1. Systematic

Having a well-planned, thoughtful recruiting practices that are followed is one of the best indicators of recruitment success. A recruiter may have the best process in the business but if it is not followed, it will never be an effective resource. The automated workflow brought by the revolution of staffing technology introduced changes in pre-screening, online skills and behavioral testing, vendor management systems, and candidate tracking systems. Rather than making a hiring decision based on industry trends, plotting  and following recruitment’s long-term strategy is crucial.


  1. Compassionate to Great Talents

Oftentimes, there would be several good candidates for a single vacancy. Unfortunately, only one person could be hired but this doesn’t mean that top recruiters will get lost out of touch with them who didn’t get the job. Connecting with them through social media platforms like LinkedIn can help you to easily engage them again once needed. Maintaining  and developing a strong candidate pool makes recruitment practices efficient and responsive.


  1. Resourceful

With the usual fluid budget, aggressive timelines, and minimal resources, agility and resourcefulness in the industry is the most effective approach to acquire great talents. Being able to save time and money for the company and the applicant is an eminent quality for top recruiters. Shortening and streamlining recruitment practices and being flexible in skipping some steps as beneficial is  cost-effective.


  1. Analytical

Using analytics and boosting key performance indicators in assessing strategies is effective in developing recruitment practices. By knowing what works well, one can know what and where to invest and concentrate efforts.


  1. An Eye for Star Performers

Experience is still the most important trait to look for in recruitment. Years of experience has been a necessary indicator of credential. Technically advanced roles and comprehensive understanding of systems need quantifiable experience.


  1. Encourager

Even with the successful acquisition of highly-qualified candidates, guidance and encouragement at the beginning are still needed to effectively transport candidates to their job site. Onboarding is the springboard for newly-hired candidates to adapt to their new work environment. Leaving new hires to flounder is the time when trouble starts. Having a facility and equipment to orient workers before their deployment is effective in establishing retention among new hires.

Equipped with top recruiters, Rensol Recruitment assures every client companies that deployed candidates are qualified, prepared, and fit to their work environment. With all the six qualities of top recruiters, companies are assured that recruitment challenges are properly addressed.

Seasoned recruiters will always have an eye for star performers. Learn more of our best practices in talent acquisition and let us collaborate to achieve your business goals.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

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