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Russian engineering and its commitment to science and technology makes the industry at the forefront of the world. The country’s contribution to technological advancement has always been important.

Russian engineering has been trying to modernize and industrialize for 300 years now. Engineering and production of electricity have been a priority for the communists.  In all the fields of the engineering sector, Russia’s nuclear power engineering is the most progressive in the world.

A significant segment of the Russian engineering sector is in the manufacturing industry, automotive, oil refining, petroleum engineering, and electronics. It has depended on most of its wealth in resource extraction. Being a petro industry, its  economy mostly relies on the rise and fall of prices of oil and natural gas.

Russia is home to one of the greatest engineering accomplishments of all time. Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world at 5,772 miles. There is no doubt that this structure has been the most spectacular engineering achievements ever made.


Engineering Recruitment

Moscow is an attractive city for many expatriates as a multitude of international corporations  are entering the Russian engineering market. Most multi-national companies require English speakers or foreign nationals with specialized skills, which are abundant in the Philippines.

For those who are looking to gain experience in the Russian engineering sector, finding a job in Moscow and St. Petersburg are two viable choices. Job for expats tends to be in highly skilled jobs or at the senior management level.

Rensol, being the leading recruitment agency for Russian employers, is tested to be a good channel for candidates seeking for Russian engineering jobs. Big corporate companies in Russia trust Rensol for delivering highly qualified workers in a faster process.

By 2020, it was projected by the Federal Migration Service that an estimated 2/5th of its workforce will be foreigners that will settle there for a longer time.

Russia offers diverse engineering employment opportunities, and, in most cases, expats are the best-paid professionals. In an economic survey by HSBC, expatriates in Russia are 13th in the highest grossing income earners.

Russia’s growing economy provides lucrative niches and opportunities for engineering professionals to work from. Besides the large-scale infrastructure development which is underway, major Russian engineering companies are also planning to erect six large automotive plants,   to rebuild their aircraft industry, and to establish its optoelectronics industry.

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