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People tend to connect with someone they like, not very different from them. In the hospitality industry, workers are obliged to connect with various people, regardless if they do or don’t like them that much. Roman Krznaric, a writer and a professor at The School of Life, argues that in cases such as this, compassion & empathy should be observed by any worker who offers this kind of service. At the heart of transforming hotels and restaurants to excellent hospitality facilities is by rebuilding the culture within its elegant facilities, and this is one that is hinged on compassion & empathy.

Compassion & Empathy in Hospitality

Hotels and other hospitality facilities may elevate their amenities and employ innovative gimmicks to increase revenue. But apart from all those costly efforts, there is a more cost-effective and simpler way to entice customers and boost sales. A focus on customer service, especially to compassion & empathy  among hospitality staff, is a potentially essential factor to attain success in the industry.

Compassion and empathy has always been a secret to hospitality and tourism customer service that is yet to be maximized. In a Gallup survey for the hospitality industry, only one in five guests are fully satisfied with engaging in their visit. Customer satisfaction is a great factor for having returning guests.

Staff compassion & empathy contributes to an enjoyable guest experience. In the age of social media, positive reviews are more likely to be generated. Compassion & empathy has grown to be a more critical skill. Promoting compassion & empathy in every hospitality staff is something that is irreplaceable and sustainable enough to be competitive in the industry.

Compassion, Empathy and Filipino Hospitality Workers

Being empathic as a hospitality worker is by being an effective listener to customers and colleagues, by being trusting through honesty and sincerity, and having an open understanding of differences among every individual person. The ability of an employee to relate to their customers is a significant indicator of quality service.

Filipinos are known in the world as naturally hospitable. They have the reputation to receive guests the warmest, friendliest, and kindest way. Helping others out has been deeply rooted in their culture and this set Filipino hospitality workers apart from many countries.

Filipinos are known for their innate compassion & empathy. Filipino workers were honed to become empathic and compassionate through strict guidance at home, comprehensive training at the academe, and excellent practice in their respective society. It is natural for them to put themselves in the shoes of every customer. Their ability to provide great service is undisputed.

Recruitment of Empathic Staff

Compassion & empathy is a soft skill. Hospitality workers should be capable of sensing the deepest level of feelings and thoughts of others. They must treat every people within their care with dignity. While compassion & empathy is not as easy to gauge as other metrics of performance, every hospitality company should start to prioritize it in every recruitment efforts.

Every hire plays a big part in establishing a culture. This culture predicts the future success of the company. Finding the right employees in the recruitment stage is a crucial part of weeding out toxic weeds from good ones.

Even if how your company values an excellent culture, if you keep on hiring a person with low emotional intelligence in an industry of compassion & empathy, success is hardly attainable and may even affect a company’s reputation. Recruiters for the hospitality sector should be keen in selecting candidates with stellar emotional intelligence and outstanding compassion & empathy.

To be able to compete in the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality, understanding every customer’s inner experience has been even more valuable. Employers, especially in this industry, should start to hunt for people with something extra, those who are empathic to be of service to anyone.

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