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The Filipino Brand: Factor, Flavor, and Fervor

For managers of multinational firms, recruiting Filipino professionals and technical staff means their company will inevitably and undoubtedly experience a bit of Filipino customs and culture. There’s a saying that the Filipinos have grown up 300 years in a Spanish convent, and 50 years of Hollywood, and another 70 years of trying this experiment called […]

The World is Our Playground and We Will Always be Home: Why Filipinos are in the Forefront of Global Citizenship

Why Filipinos are in the Forefront of Global Citizenship? The Filipino Diaspora was happening long before the term was even coined during the height of Overseas Filipino Workers’ deployment in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  From the pre-Spanish times where, navigational pilots helped traders from China to navigate through Southeast Asia, up to today’s […]

4 Critical Factors When Recruiting Quality Manpower in the Philippines

Whenever there is a shortage of talents in the local population, a company faces the question where to import skilled workers.  More than ever, businesses in the oil & gas, construction, engineering, healthcare, retail and other industries have looked towards the capabilities of the recruitment agencies in the Philippines as a source of quality talents […]