UK Oil and Gas: Man and Power

If you are a UK Oil and Gas company, what do you think would set you apart from other companies specializing in the same trade?

I recently had a conversation with two British friends based in Manchester and are both inclined with the oil and gas field. One works at Clyde Marine, a UK Oil and Gas Recruitment agency while the other works at Penspen, provider of engineering and management services for the UK Oil and Gas. Both guys are living together in Manchester, on a property that is being drilled by a different oil company.  They expressed their amazement noting that the competitor’s technical and skilled workforce, the “hole pokers” as they called them, are composed of mostly non-UK born or expatriates.

Their surprise went overboard when I shared that their peers in the industry have also assimilated the acquisition of overseas workers into their labor force. Also, UK Oil and Gas Recruitment agencies are now more open into partnering with Asian recruitment firms to find and source for additional manpower.

According to the UK Office for National Statistics, there are about 6,000 non-UK nationals employed in the country right now. About 10% of this number are working in the oil and gas industry. Within that 10% are Asian workers from India, Nepal, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

My friends recalled of a time when they barely see non-natives in their industry. British Oil and Gas professionals, like any other industry experts, are very keen and meticulous on who they permit to work in their trade. They must meet certain professional, technical, and educational benchmark before they can stand beside them. One friend told of a story where one company once contracted foreign workers for cheaper labor. They had spent a month digging down the ground and missed their mark and broke the casing causing an oil leak and it had to be sealed. Although, this type of situation is all too common for oil and gas drillers, allowing non-O&G occupational experts to work in their projects can cause more frustration and increase the cost of production.

Manchester is located northwest of London and has experienced large growth in their population. Pre-boom of the UK Oil and Gas industry, Manchester had roughly 165,000 people and since the latest UK Oil and Gas boom it has grown to roughly 600,000 people. Manchester is not unique in this experience, cities across the country are experiencing similar growth due to oil and gas, and along with that growth, comes the insurgence of new Oil and Gas Companies.  My friends from Manchester say that there’s also a growing fear for a saturated market and the lack of manpower that established companies are dealing with.

Technology. We obviously know that the United Kingdom companies with the most technologically advanced rigs will be the ones that capture the most market share. According to UBS United Kingdom, companies with modern fleet are earning higher day rates, margins, and are in greater demand because of better technology. But, technology in the O&G industry spreads across many functions including research and development, day to day operations and technical, skilled, and field work. There’s a lot of funding going into innovative companies that can help O&G companies work smarter.

Manpower. Another facet of success in the UK Oil and Gas is the availability and effectivity of its available labor force. Although the United Kingdom is home to some 9 Million people, not many of them are coming in the oil and gas trade. Since the demand is increasing, and more UK oil and gas companies are appearing, more and more workers of the technical and skilled level will be needed. Private institutions have already started looking for professionals abroad. Everyone in the industry is increasingly aware of the increasing labor gap so they have started looking outside.


If you are a UK Oil and Gas company, what do you think would set you apart from other companies specializing in the same trade? The answer is simple. The things that would set you apart from your competitors are your aptitude for the latest technology and the abundance of well-equipped and able manpower.

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