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As business environments, markets, and trends keep evolving, companies are coping up and adapting to changes through a multitude of strategies in talent sourcing. According to Glassdoor, 67% of job seekers consider diversity as a factor when looking for work. Competition forces innovation and having a global impact is a big advantage.

Internally reinforcing a company’s workforce through cultural diversity is now a common strategy. As businesses deal with global clients, the probability that they will be dealing with someone who also practices diversity within their company is high. This practice is slowly becoming a requirement rather than a competitive advantage.

Globalization having the biggest impact in this movement, recruitment agencies in the Philippines are now in demand as companies are now turning to implementing a more diverse workplace as it is proven to increase productivity, creativity, and opportunities to do business. Not only is this good for the performance of the business but it also affects the image of the company as it shows an openness to do potential business with other companies of other countries.


Whether a company started its foundation building a diverse workplace, or a company just starting to venture into diversity, there are numerous benefits of having a multi-cultural workplace; such workplaces will thrive in a healthy environment and will enable any business to better meet the needs of different markets, as it to widen the international scope of your operations and give better ideas and strategies from the perception of people from different cultures.


  • Skills & Experience

    A workplace of different cultures and different skillsets unique to each such as language and market knowledge that is working to attain the same goal will be a powerful force in any company; crossover of skills to better fit the position and optimize the performance of that position by acquiring an expat is a common practice for companies optimizing their workforce.


  • Productivity & Creativity

    Innovative ideas will start from people of different origins as their experiences and uniqueness will play a big factor in brainstorming, as their concepts will pass through one unique person to another resulting to an output that will better solve a problem than the traditional means. This being said, it will also affect productivity as there are more skills the company has access to, wherein certain roles can perform better from a different perspective; being able to use every strength and to make them collaborate with each other will produce better results.


  • Positive Reputation

Reputation affects multiple areas of a company. Diversity welcomes job seekers to be drawn to a company practicing a nondiscriminatory recruitment process; not only will the company acquire new talent but will raise its employee retention due to morale and motivation of the workforce.

Not only will reputation affect potential talent but also clients, as clients are more attracted to businesses that have a workforce that includes their fellow nationals. It will be easier to engage with clients of different cultures, as language barriers and comradery will be factors whether a deal is achieved or not.


Rensol Inc., a POEA licensed agency, has been advocating this campaign since 1999 by influencing and promoting this movement through their service. They focus and partner with companies that are implementing or open to implementing diversity in their workplace, as it is beneficial for both parties where their candidates are happy and are willing to stay longer with such a company. This is important as Rensol believes in finding the right people for the right positions at the right place.

What sets Rensol apart from other recruitment agencies in the Philippines, is that their methods of service allow them to better assess quality by constantly keeping in touch with their candidates and clients even after deployment. Diverse workplaces will always be a good potential for growth and relationships with the company.

Rensol will always be willing to work with companies who welcome the diversity of their people. Together, let’s combine the uniqueness of each individual to create a healthier, more beautiful and more productive workplace.

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