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Many are called, but only a few are chosen.

Opportunities to work abroad are scarce, being deployed abroad with an ethical recruitment agency is a golden opportunity of a lifetime. Every worker is expected to treasure the limited chance to earn better and to be successful by just being a hardworking and responsible flag bearer of the country while overseas.

Here is the second installment of success stories we collated from our successful hires deployed to different parts of the world. We are featuring Jeebe Noderama, a proud Ka- Rensol.

Jeebe Noderama, a Senior Electrician

Jeebe was deployed to Qatar as an electrician for the Doha International Airport project and worked there from 2010 to 2013. In 2014, he was deployed again to work for the Abu Dhabi International Airport project as a Senior Electrician. Both overseas employment is for the Anel Emirates based in the Middle East.

He was hired before through Mr. Arnold Mamaclay, CEO and President of Rensol Recruitment, who personally processed him. He learned that the agency process overseas employment with guaranteed zero fees from a friend who was also successfully deployed by Rensol. He claimed that Rensol offered him the best service from his recruitment to his deployment.

He shared that the life he had overseas is difficult because of the climate and the state of life there. During summer, it was very hot that he even had a heatstroke which he had survived through the care and safety measures done by his employer and his dedication to never give up for his dreams.

He was given three days sick leave but because of his will to work for his family, he still came in for work but his supervisor prefers him to rest on the side while in the workplace.

Apart from being sick, he experienced anxiety, homesickness, sleeplessness, hunger, and some family issues way back home.

“Pero lahat ng yun kasama talaga sa buhay ng tao depende na lang kung paano natin labanan ang mga yan. (All of those are really part of human lives. It relies on how we will fight against all those odds.),” he shared.

Because of his employment in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, he was able to be successful and to uplift the state of life of his family in the Philippines. He was able to build their own house and their own apartment.

He was also able to buy their own tricycles and he was able to put up a wholesale and retail grocery store as their family business in 2018. In 2019, they opened another business venture as a dealer of beverages and liquors. Even with all these successes, he still came back to work abroad to finish putting up their water refilling station business which will be open in July or August.

Enjoying the fruits of his labor, toil, and hard work, Jeebe is more than thankful to Rensol for giving him this golden opportunity to work abroad and be successful in life.

“Maraming maraming salamat po sa Rensol at kay boss Arnold Mamaclay, sa lahat ng staff, kay sir Jonathan, ma’am Alona, sa inyong lahat po dyan, thank you very much from my bottom of my heart hehe.. At syempre, kay God na syang may gawa ng lahat ng ito,” he said.

Rensol Recruitment will always be proud to share with the success of all workers who have reached their dream because of their own hard work and dedication. We are beyond grateful to become an instrument to reach their dreams and to transport them to greener pastures in life.

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