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Three Rensol workers in Russia make us proud by returning a wallet to their foreign colleague with cash amounting to 40k Rubles (Php 32k) and an ATM last September 1, 2018.

Rensol Recruitment deployed Victor Adel, Jr., Michael Algones, and Norven Antenor, natives of Batangas City, as pipefitters to the Tobolsk project site of the Renaissance Heavy Industries (RHI) this year.

Their Uzbek colleague expresses appreciation to the three Filipino co-workers for returning his wallet.

The three Rensol workers were having their free time walking along the site last Saturday afternoon when they found the wallet hanging on one of the pipes they installed. They said that they immediately look for its owner to return the property.

“We have no interest whatever on the amount inside the wallet because we can earn the money with our own hard work,” one worker said.

“The person who left this wallet might need the money,” another worker said.

Arnold Mamaclay, president of Rensol Recruitment, lauds the Rensol workers for their respectful display of honesty in their workplace.

“The three Rensol workers demonstrated that the traits of honesty and trustworthiness are not lost among every Filipinos wherever they are deployed in the world. Moreover, these workers are worthy of emulation by all OFWs overseas. Such action deserves full appreciation and deep gratitude from their countrymen,” he said.

Rensol Recruitment has the largest deployment to the biggest oil and gas and construction projects in the World’s largest country. Rensol is a top supplier of manpower to RHI’s projects such as Yamal LNG Plant, Gas-To-Gasoline Project (GTG), Turkmenhimiya Ammonia and Urea Plant, Sibur Tobolskneftekhim Polypropylene Plant, Phosagro Ammonia Plant, etc.

The Tobolsk project is one of the biggest projects of RHI, Rensol’s partner in providing quality job opportunities to Filipinos bound to Russia and Turkmenistan for four years already.

This partnership provided thousands of opportunities to pipe fitters, scaffolders, welders, and riggers.

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