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The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA is the government agency, which is responsible for optimizing the benefits of the country’s overseas employment program.

Created in 1982 through Executive Order 797 to promote and to monitor the overseas employment of Filipino workers. In 1987, through Executive Order 247, POEA was reorganized to include the following expanded functions:

  1. To respond to changing markets and economic condition; and
  2. to strengthen the workers’ protection and regulatory components of the overseas employment program.

POEA is also the lead government agency tasked to monitor and supervise all recruitment agencies in the Philippines.

Now I wonder, if the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) does not exist dealing out fines and revocation for non-compliance, would ethical recruitment exist?

In my opinion, yes, ethical recruitment would still exist without standards and fines from a regulating body. Governance, risk management, and compliance are all in our nature. Often, people believe living creatures tend to have a basic selfishness that steers all their decisions. This may be partially true, but what most overlook is our heart full of compassion that is also at the base of all human beings.

DNA Culture

We have a part of our brain, the anterior insular cortex, which allows us to feel empathy. When we see someone endure pain, emotional or physical, we can practically feel the same pain and experience a sense of compassion for that person. With that said, it is in our DNA to try to protect ourselves and each other from situations of high risk.

The story of a Pack of Deer: Scientists did a study on a pack of deer to discover what factors drive their decision-making when choosing when and where to drink water. The timing of when to go to the watering hole and the location of the watering hole was the basic decisions that had to be made. If they left too early, there was a chance the nourishment would not last long enough, but if they went too late, some of the weaker deer might get dehydrated. The location of the watering hole had to be considered as well, because if it was too far, then there was a bigger chance of encountering a predator or leaving stragglers behind.

flock of deer

What the scientists found was extremely interesting and relatable to humans as well as the risk management & compliance in recruitment. You would think that the big, leader buck would make the final decision. Instead, what happened was, multiple deer would point in a direction of a watering hole at certain times; but the herd did not leave until 51 percent of the deer pointed in the same direction. It was as if the deer were voting and considering all risk and danger involved until the majority agreed on a final decision. Only then did they make a move to a watering hole. Deer, obviously, do not have regulations or standards to abide by, but this just shows that species tend to have a way of governing, managing risk, and complying with group decisions that best fit the entire community.

Therefore, I think it is just part of the evolution of our beings to create the risk management and compliance space. We have the natural tendency to manage risk in our everyday situations and decisions. As we evolve, we strive to make things easier for ourselves, and this is where ethical recruitment comes in to play.


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