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Saudi Arabian Kentz, one of the reputable clients of Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. conducts a 1-week interview for dedicated Rensol applicants, a 3-day interview at New World Makati Hotel, and a 2-day interview at the Rensol Recruitment office last January 23-27, 2023.

The admirable candidates comprise Shift Supervisors, Electrical Lead, Mechanical Lead, Instrument and Control Lead, Control Room, and Field Operators make sure to mark their calendars for this important event. It is the day to build the tomorrow they are aspiring to have.  

You will never go wrong when you choose us, Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. We had partnerships with highly recognized companies like Saudi Arabian Kentz that have received a Presidential award for demonstrating exceptional excellence in the industry.  

Distinguished professionals; Mr. Khalid Mufarah, Momahammad Ibrahim Majardi, Akraam, Ciaran, Bryan Paul O, Faye Gavasan, April Vergara, and Angelo Dalangin together with the Rensol account managers of Kentz; Je Salcedo, Ciara Pili, JP Sasan, and Robiel Surio handled the interview and selection process for the skilled professional workers.

Saudi Arabian Kentz has been a loyal and trusted client of Rensol Recruitment since then and now. They opened doors of opportunity to numerous numbers of OFWs. In line with that, they can provide benefits and the best offer even for first-time OFWs.

Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. share a common ground with Saudi Arabian Kentz in terms of prioritizing the worker’s capability and eagerness to share their set of skills. Once the candidate is qualified and amenable to working with the given terms and conditions, they deserve fast processing of their documents for them to be deployed.

Rensol and Saudi Arabian Kentz guarantee that it is their time to shine and build a brighter future.

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The above may not mean anything to the public, but it means everything to the 500 skilled and semi-skilled Filipino workers that attended SNC Lavalin’s 4-day client interview and selection.

Rensol Recruitment and Consulting is successful in closing a deal with SNC Lavalin, a global project management company headquartered in Quebec, Canada. With giant infrastructure projects in the middle east, they are also a leading provider of comprehensive end-to-end corporate solutions. Some of which includes capital investment, consulting, design, engineering, construction, operations and maintenance. Together with their oil and gas branch, Saudi Arabian Kentz, commissioned Rensol as an official recruitment consultant for their numerous oil and gas energy projects in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Commitment + Perseverance = Success

It’s never really that easy to clinch a new client. It also takes real commitment and perseverance to win a partnership. Led by their President, Mr. Arnold Mamaclay, the time and effort Rensol invested in SNC Lavalin is above and beyond challenging. The principal, being the well-established company that they are, conceivably, has several dozen options to whom they will partner with in regard to their manpower needs.

What convinced SNC Lavalin to make Rensol their official consultant is more than what a regular recruitment firm can offer. It’s not just about their good reputation. Nor its about their close-knit ties with the local government. Nor is their well-experienced and strong recruitment team. It’s their heart, undying diligence to deliver and reputation as a problem solver that made the principal choose them as a recruitment partner.

The interviews and selection for Skilled and Semi-skilled positions such as Piping Foremen, Riggers II and III (TUV Certified), Piping Welders, Piping Fabricators, Pipe Fitters, Grinders, Gas Cutters, and Erectors have been concluded within the Rensol office in Quezon City.

A 2-day interview for Technical Positions such as Turnaround Planners, Turnaround Coordinators, Maintenance Planners and Schedulers happened at New World Hotel in Makati City.

Interview and Selection for Engineering and Supervisory Positions such as QC Supervisors – E&I, QC Supervisors – Mechanical & Piping, QC Supervisors – Welding, QC Inspectors – Civil & Structural, QC Inspectors – Instrumentation and many more are happening soon.

Expect bigger and better overseas professional opportunities within more upstanding industries as the fastest growing ethical and international recruitment agency reaches out and deepens its connection with more similarly ethical companies providing more quality driven professional opportunities for more aspiring Filipino workers.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.