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Quezon City, Philippines – February 2, 2018 – United Masters Electromechanical LLC, a leading provider of electromechanical contracting and plumbing services in United Arab Emirates made a strategic investment in Rensol Recruitment – the fastest growing recruitment agency in the Philippines, in growing their pool of talented engineers to be distributed across the UAE region for their various on-going mechanical and electrical engineering projects. Rensol’s superior recruitment approach analyzed what UME is exactly looking for with their potential new hires making their business more competitive and matching a Filipino worker’s skill-set and qualifications precisely with how they require it and want it.

“It’s my third time [hiring] in The Philippines but It’s my first time with Rensol, it’s also my first time hitting the recruitment target! I finally got the required number, we even have spare people on stand-by. We are so glad, and we are really so happy.”

– Adel Balchi, General Manager

Rensol served as a conduit for UME to be exposed to the world quality labor force in the Philippines and found the task-appropriate people among the heap. They provided streamlined solutions for their client, making the arduous task of sorting the best potential candidates more efficient and favorable for them.

“One opposing comment I have for Rensol is everything’s strict. From a different perspective, it is good. The process is a little difficult, you will suffer a little bit, but at the end of the day, you will achieve your goal and more,” Adel said. And he is right, Rensol makes sure information declared by candidates’ in their resumes are being checked and counter-checked before they endorse them to the client, they also make sure their partners are aware of their high ethical recruitment standards such as their partner clinics being strict in non-issuance of a medical clearance for good candidates with health concerns are some of the stringent things they do that fulfills their client’s “big picture”.

With experience and dedication to deliver under their belts, they take out any guesswork when it comes to their reliability and trustworthiness as a firm. The desire to bridge the gap between those who are looking to be engaged in the international manpower force and employers who are searching for the right people to aid their lines of business towards growth and progress is what motivates Rensol Recruitment to be the best name that you can count on when it comes to labor recruitment.

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ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.