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Case Study - Oil Company

Client Problem: Former Workers Seek Overtime Pay for Work Hours They Never Rendered

  • Groups formed at Employer Site before end of contract
  • Former workers complained about alleged non-payment of overtime pay of previous employer.

RENSOL’s Solution: Proper Coordination and Problem Solving for the Client

  • Rensol intervened by getting individual sides of both parties regarding the issue.
  • The partner Philippine Recruitment Agency worked on proof using official time sheets and pay slips.
  • Rensol resolved the issue satisfactorily for the client, who was very happy with the resolution and said “More than a recruitment partner, we found new friends at Rensol. We felt their genuine care mediating between us and the complainants and their actions led to the speedy resolution of the problem.”

It’s normal for Rensol Recruitment, a leading reputable recruitment agency in The Philippines to encounter problems the employer faces, and solve these problems keep client and worker satisfaction in mind.

Case on Point: Dispute solved for a Retail Giant

Former employees of a retail giant in the middle east who had their contracts ended and were already sent back to The Philippines petitioned for non-payment of overtime. Their complaint was raised to The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) which had threatened the retail company’s accreditation and reputation before the administration. Being the distinguished and high-principled employer that they are, the retail client is apprehensive of the ill-effects this issue might cause them.  It may harm all their existing contracts and future projects. They also had to face penalties that will be sanctioned by the government in lieu of the alleged damages imposed by their former employees.

Retail client sought Rensol Recruitment’s help to address the Filipino workers’ issue. It’s outside of the agreement signed by Rensol and the Retail principal, however, they went by their above and beyond commitment to their partner and intervened.

Rensol made the proper intervention to address the grievances of both parties.

  1. a) Rensol coordinated with the two parties by means of phone calls, Skype Video Calls, and personal visits to consolidate the opposite sides.
  2. b) Rensol investigated on what really transpired by counterchecking time sheets and pay slips to verify each other’s claims.

Apparently, no paper trails could back up what the two complainants had been appealing. By working on proof, Rensol discovered that there is really no overtime job rendered and the company has no monetary obligations pending for both of their former workers.

RENSOL Intervention

In cases when an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is still under a contract, mediation or conciliation will be conducted between the company and the employee with the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) labor attaché or Overseas Workers Welfare Administration’s (OWWA) welfare officer. Discussion regarding the complaint and finding an amicable and mutually-acceptable solution will be concluded. This doesn’t need to go as far as a legal battle or worse, repatriation.

In the given case where the two employees have already gone home for over two months, a mediation was made between the employees and the employer with the intervention of the POEA and with Rensol, the partner recruitment agency. This case may have been above the agency’s jurisdiction already, but with their promise to serve their partners even beyond the limitations of their service agreement, Rensol intervened and took the necessary course of action accordingly.

Rensol is as equal protecting their clients from abuses like this. Abiding with due processes, they successfully settled the dispute between the parties, assuring that every right has been protected.

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