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Hospitality Workforce

The Food & Beverage, Travel & Tourism, Accommodation, and Recreation are the segments of the hospitality industry which necessitate the need for delivering a service, subject to fulfilling customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction in hospitality is affected by different factors, greatest of which is the service quality. It is easy to define service quality, but as always, it is a lot harder to take it into action, especially with the height of the competition in the industry.

As hospitality establishments and services become more available in the market, the higher the demands and expectations of the customers become; which poses a greater challenge to the players in the industry to deliver quality service.

To survive the competition in this sector, one must have the passion and commitment to serving the people – with the aim of making them happy and truly fulfilled. One must know the service etiquettes, must have the capability to socialize, must have a positive attitude, must have an open mind and heart for criticism, and must be dedicated enough to deliver a satisfying service – accustomed to the need of the guest. This involves all people from the senior management to the lower ranks. Thus, finding the right people with the right skills and attitude is vital to the success of hospitality establishments. Today, this is one of the issues arising in the hospitality industry globally – labor and skills shortage as per International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC). Factors stated which contributed to this effect were demographics, wage rates, failure to address worker satisfaction, and a reputation for long hours and long pay.

Studies have shown a direct relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction – which has a significant impact on the financial performance of an institution; therefore, if companies keep their workforce happy, this will clearly reflect the service they provide, resulting to a positive customer experience. With this, businesses should address the factors that affect talent acquisition on the hospitality industry to be able to attract the right people and to further make improvements on their services, which will impact their business profitability.

A good service will survive the competition in the hospitality industry, but an excellent one will stand out.

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