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New Zealand is a country of untouched beauty brimmed with breathtaking mountains, landscapes, and stunning beaches. Apart from being a must-visit tourist site, it is a promising job destination for global talents in the construction industry. The country is, unfortunately, candidate-scarce and it is highly-desperate to lure skilled workers. Continuous migration, economic boom, and its recovery from the 2011 earthquake boosted its construction industry. While more and more infrastructures are being needed and created, the construction recruitment is at its all-time high.

In a report by Charles Anderson of The Guardian, more than $100 billion worth of construction works are planned but the country doesn’t have enough local workers to fill the talent gap. This accounts for over 65,000 new construction workers to be recruited for the next five years. Its government even forecasted that its construction recruitment will reach its peak by 2020.

With the opening of the New Zealand market to international job seekers, its local government implemented strategies to make the process easier both for job hunters and employers. Here is an easy guide for human resource executives on how they can acquire quality construction talents, especially in the Philippines:

  1. Flexible Work Visa. Provided with valid job orders, visa choices are flexible as they can employ anyone even with only a Working Holiday Visa that is already valid for up to 24 months. This gives every employer enough time to decide whether they will absorb a certain employee for longer terms of employment. Other types of visa include Essential Skills Work Visa for temporary workers and Skilled Migrant Category for permanent residency. Unlike Australia, candidates seeking opportunities to work in New Zealand need not pass a skills assessment test or English test to gain a working visa.
  2. Top Talents. Be wary of candidates who are just fishing around and be aggressive to catch great fishes. Along with the high demand is a tough competition to attract and retain quality workers. The need for top talent is acute. The chronic shortage involves not only construction workers but professionals to lead these projects as well.
  3. Taste of Genuine Lifestyle. The country is known for an outstanding work-life balance for every worker. The genuine lifestyle in the country is enough to entice foreign workers. Nevertheless, Filipino workers should be afforded the opportunity to get outdoors after their work and explore New Zealand as a tourist within their nation.
  4. Reliable Recruiter. Lastly, to assist you in the overall process of overseas construction recruitment, find a recruitment agency who understands what you need in your job site, who are well-experienced in your market, and is willing to be your strategic partner and not just to make a sale out of you.

The Philippines is a top source of carpenters, quantity surveyors, construction project managers, electricians, engineers, heavy vehicle fitters, and a lot more. By just choosing the right partner recruitment agency to screen the best among the rest, recruitment of globally-competitive workers is efficiently attainable for every New Zealand employer.

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