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New Zealand engineering is desperately short of skilled professionals across all disciplines while in the middle of the largest infrastructure boom in its history brought by reconstruction efforts after the destruction of major earthquakes.

Billions of dollars have been overpouring into projects due to the two major earthquakes that have destructed most of its largest cities. Engineering firms are finding ways on how to deliver each project in a faster, safer, and cheaper way. But despite all the massive undertakings, enough engineers to man each project were found lacking.

New Zealand engineering firms have been doubling efforts to attract talents. Some of which have even hired non-Kiwi applicants. Even the smallest companies in the industry find it strange to not receive any application from a New Zealand qualified engineer in every job posting they had recently. The good news is, engineers in New Zealand need not be registered by law.

It so happens that local talents are deeply scarce due to snaffling by larger firms and overseas employment or emigration. While local engineers are going out of their own country, talents from abroad were queuing from overseas to get into New Zealand engineering.

Engineering NZ’s statistics reflected that only 7 percent of Kiwi graduates had studied engineering. This shortage eventually leads to New Zealand engineering crisis.

Engineering Recruitment Boom

Apart from the holistic lifestyle within its scenic landscapes, working Down Under also means unique and complex roles that will grow your skills and experiences. The calmness of Kiwi culture attributes a lot to the kind of living any aspiring worker will expect in New Zealand. It is affordable to live in NZ given the great quality of life it can offer.

With a maximum of 40 work hours per week, flexible work arrangements, competitive salary, New Zealand is an ideal country. With a relatively small population, the country has always been seeking workers from overseas to fill skill shortages across many industries.

New Zealand engineering has been booming in recent years. This comes along with the fast growth of the Kiwi economy and the lowest unemployment rate in the developed world.

Skill shortage has given way to the entry of skilled migrants. Engineers, carpenters, joiners and building surveyors are in high demand. These key positions play a pivotal role in shaping the country’s infrastructure landscape.

A number of roles which include civil and structural engineers, highway and transportation planners, water resource engineers, geotechnical engineers, and landfill design engineers are being recruited in various locations across the country.

Structural engineers are in demand to check the safety of existing buildings, while civil engineers will be needed to help in the massive rebuilding. Chemical engineers have remained steady and strong while petroleum engineering showed significant growth with increased activity in oil exploration.

While electrical engineers are the most abundant in the country, it is still not enough to fill in all vacancies.

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