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Dealing with Philippine Government

I had an eye-opening touch base meeting with the HR Director of a well-known hotel in Doha, Qatar yesterday. She was telling me how pleased she is with Rensol. Saying that we are worlds apart different from all the other recruitment agencies they’ve connected with as we are quick on our toes and really do the extra mile. She was also expressing her excitement in employing additional Filipino workers as their management is aware of the professionalism and good work ethic of Filipinos in the hospitality industry. Her compliments came in one after the other until she turned 360 degrees when she expressed her regret that they are postponing their immediate plans of hiring Filipino hospitality workers. Their reason is simple. They do not want to deal with all the complexities of the Philippine government.

On our previous blog we discussed that ethical recruitment would still exist even without the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) or any other regulating body because love and compassion are innate in all human beings and protecting each other from situations of high risk would be a normal occurrence. However, injustice, like compassion, is also a normal happenstance in our society. Hence, the actual need for a governing body upholding standards and regulations to ensure that the right thing is done all the time. Compliance with the Philippine government, or specifically, in this case, the POEA, is difficult, to say the least. Scanning through pages of blocked text, trying to interpret only the information that is really needed and understanding Philippine labor laws really are arduous tasks for any foreign employer especially if it’s their first time.

I was not surprised at all when my hospitality prospect pronounced their desire to “postpone” their recruitment amidst all the positive experiences they had with us even when we are still in the preliminary stages of the process as I myself is aware of the backbreaking measures foreign employers take when hiring desired Filipino workers, regardless of the position and industry. From accomplishing a detailed Manpower Request Letter to various types of Affidavit of Undertaking – depending on the territory, to dealing with two government entities that need to verify and accredit the job order respectively. Managing corporate objectives and making sure that the right thing is implemented on each accreditation document and each step of the recruitment process can really be taxing. And it makes the process even more daunting and chaotic if you’re doing it alone.

Shaking hands

Co-operation, in evolution, is defined as, “the process where 2 or more organisms work or act together for common or mutual benefits.” By applying this method in the international recruitment space, once a foreign principal commissions a partner recruitment agency in the Philippines, both should expect full co-operation from one another. Connections shouldn’t just be limited to the firm finding a quasi-qualified candidate for the open position and then get paid for their service. More than a hand from beginning to end, a true co-operation transcends costs and the boundaries of what is stated in the contract.

Explaining this to my prospect plus assuring their management that Rensol Recruitment will be more than just their representative in the Philippines, rather a partner in all its professional sense. I enrolled her and her team to lift the planned suspension and proceed with the recruitment.

Adhering to Philippine labor laws is indeed hard – and that’s a fact. No one can bend and bypass how stringent POEA is with regards to their regulations especially now that President Rodrigo Duterte is in close watch of deploying Filipinos abroad for professional purposes. What foreign employers can do is pick the right reliable recruitment partner that will carry over their vision and values and will act as a shock absorber to soften the hard blows of interacting with the local government.

We can all wish, pray and hope that dealing with the POLO and POEA when recruiting quality manpower in the Philippines will be as easy as reciting the alphabet. However, we can’t really hold on to the uncertain. What’s certain is that there are a select few partner recruitment agencies in the Philippines that are willing to act as a cushion and go above and beyond just for you to realize your employment needs.


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