Rensol maintained its lead as Russia’s top Recruitment Agency for oil and gas construction projects. Over the years, Rensol Recruitment and Consulting Inc. had deployed thousands of Filipino skilled workers bound to Russia for oil and gas construction projects.
Rensol maintained strong relationship with the leading Russian construction and oil and gas companies. Over time, these partnerships opened a huge number of job opportunities for Filipino workers.

For instance, the image below shows that Rensol is still the top recruitment agency for the biggest oil, gas and chemical construction projects for the world’s biggest country, Russia.

Rensol is Russia's Top Agency for Oil and Gas Projects
Rensol is Russia's Top Agency for Oil and Gas Projects

Rensol Agency had been and is still being entrusted by these companies to source and select strong qualified candidates for their big ventures earning Rensol Recruitment and Consulting Inc. an established top agency in Russia.

Some of the previous projects given to the agency for candidate-hiring are:

  • Artic LNG 2, the construction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) trains at Russia which will further increase the productivity in oil and gas market;
  • PhosAgro Ammonia Production Facility,a large-scale ammonia production plant located at Cherepovets city;
  • Yamal LNG project, which is another LNG train construction project. It is “an integrated project encompassing natural gas production, liquefaction and shipping”;
  • ZapSib 2 project, said to be Russia’s biggest integrated complex for polymer-production;
  • Lakhta Center, a construction of business and public environment to increase St. Petersburg and the North Western region’s business activity level;
  • and Amur Gas Processing Plant (AGPP), the soon-to-be “one of the largest natural gas processing facilities in the world”.

These projects gave jobs to several Filipinos especially, to those who have construction-related skills and experiences.

Taking the case of the above mentioned AGPP project wherein it requested for more than 250 skilled workers like Pipe Fitters, Engineers, Welders, Foremen, etc. in a single job order. All these workers are being properly screened and interviewed by Rensol Recruitment making the selections a cut above the rest. In conclusion, illustrating Rensol’s importance in the recruitment industry given the manpower it provide for Russia’s oil and gas construction industry.

Aside from that, Rensol is an agency that does not collect placement fees, processing fees, and salary deductions. More so making the agency an appealing and credible company both for the workers and the clients. This agency practicing ethical recruitment is just one of the good qualities that the companies and employees want. No wonder that it is a top agency for skilled workers in the largest country in the world – Russia.

April 24, 2018 – Rensol Recruitment accredited another high-profile project with Anel Emirates in Abu Dhabi.

Rensol’s President and Country Manager’s Middle East business trip last April was indeed a success. As reported, apart from strengthening ties with the POLO leaders in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey; and Doha, Qatar. Mamaclay also met with new and old clients to check for the best possible professional opportunities Rensol can make available for world-class Filipino workers.

One of the most fruitful meetings is with their long time partner, Anel Grup. Not only did Rensol addressed any budding concern they may have with their long-standing partner from previous and on-going projects, they were also trusted with another big assignment namely the Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal Project. The main project has been running for a few years and the terminal project is on its completion for its full opening in 2019.

Deployed Filipno Workers to Anel Abu Dhabi

Electrician and Engineer Deployments: April 27, 29, May 2, 4, 6 and 10, respectively.

It’s only been 10 business days since the job order accreditation, and Rensol has already sent 6 successful deployments of Quality Assurance Engineers, Quantity Surveyor Engineers, and Electricians to the said project.

Our trusting job seekers can expect more professional opportunities will be posted in the coming days and everyone can look forward to more deployments for other projects very soon.

Anel Grup is surely to continue its partnership with Rensol Recruitment for their manpower needs for more years to come. Job seekers can be assured that doors of job opportunities in the Middle East is far from running out anytime soon.


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