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From two-person boutique recruitment shops to mega agencies with offices scattered around the globe – all with their own specialties and strengths, the options can be overwhelming. With so many fishes in the sea, how do you pick the best fit for you?

Here are four essential practices you can follow while selecting the right partner recruitment agency in the Philippines.

  1. Above and Beyond Commitment

Commitment and perseverance trump everything else while hiring Filipino staff. Therefore, Principals should find a committed partner that can solve problems that they might encounter when conducting overseas recruitment.

There are two sets of hurdles foreign employers are likely to face when hiring overseas Filipino workers:

  1. Finding the right employee to hire – which is the universal job of a recruitment agency.
  2. Working with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration – This is unique to the Philippines; all employment agencies that seek to offer employment abroad should first be accredited and licensed by POEA.

POEA protects the Filipino worker, both in the Philippines and in the ultimate work location overseas. The administration calls the shots, they make every attempt to ensure the employer’s practices are consistent with worker protection laws and practices.

Hence, your agency should be adept at understanding and managing the POEA. Be sure that POEA will have an opinion on the contract, the work practices, and the legal requirements. The agency you choose should be able to successfully manage POEA requirements.

  1. What is Your End Game?

It is crucial for you to understand what you want to accomplish with your partner recruitment agency in the Philippines. The world of talent acquisition is wide, and an agency that does good Volume Recruitment may not be the best for Specialized Executive Search.

Understand the best options for your type of recruitment, and choose a partner agency with expertise in those areas.

  1. Google to Coogle

Make sure to check the recruitment agency’s website as it tells you a lot about the company. When you are looking at a recruiter’s website, start by looking at the team. This is where you can find out more about the experience, strengths, and personality of each of their Consultants, and by extension, the agency itself.

Secondly, scroll through the job board to see if you can find any job descriptions that match your preferences. If you can, then you are on the right track. And finally, read through the resources that are available on the website such blog posts and white papers. Make a note of how active the agency is in helping its candidates, partners and peers, and how knowledgeable it is in the areas that you need the most help with.

  1. Learn to be Social!

Find an agency that stays in touch with the latest developments in the job market, as well as having a reputation for success. As social media is the preferred medium of communication for many people, good recruitment agencies tend to post regular updates on their social channels in order to stay in touch with their network of clients and candidates. Some agencies may choose LinkedIn, while others prefer Facebook; check both to get a good understanding.

In summary, The Philippines is home to numerous recruitment agencies across many different industries and specializations. Being so spoilt for choice, many job seekers and clients find it difficult to take the first step and approach an agency, even though they are in need of support. However, sometimes all it takes to find the right agency is to simply talk to one about what you need.

Rensol Recruitment & Consulting is a specialized, experienced Philippine recruitment agency that provides guidance to many companies embarking on a journey to recruit in the Philippines. If you are still unsure of which agency is the best fit for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.

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