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In a report by Forbes, from a focus on customer experience (CX), more than 90% of businesses have been shifting to employee experience (EX). Denise Lee Yohn, a business contributor to the reputable magazine, has even called 2018 as the year of Employee Experience.

This shift suggests that more and more companies will be prioritizing efforts to improve employee satisfaction, engagement, wellness, and alignment. More than customer satisfaction, EX has been found to impact competitive advantage and sustainable growth.

Before, companies use to prioritize stakeholders at first, customers second, and employees third. Companies are starting to realize why they should invest first in their employees, so they could take care of customers, that will also take care of stakeholders.

War for Talents

In the same study, it shows that 90% of companies already anticipate war for talents with 56% of them invest in providing more training, 51% in improving workspaces, and 47% in giving more rewards.

“The skills shortage is an ever-present challenge,” says Henry G. Jackson, CEO and president of the Society for Human Resource Management. As time goes by, attracting and retaining of talents is becoming a hard job for many employers.

Companies should raise their game when it comes to recruitment of talents. Recruitment of star-performing candidates and retaining highly-engaged employees significantly help to grow revenue by driving customer loyalty and profitability.

EX is also one of the primary considerations of every jobseeker before pursuing a job. No matter how strong your company’s brand campaign is or how skillful your recruiters are, no employers could ever hide behind poor EX in the age of social networking. Job seekers read reviews and like online shopping, the pool of companies is like a plethora of brands where they can subjectively choose from.

Workplace Culture

EX is more than just an accommodating HR, free foods, and overflowing perks and benefits, it accounts to the day to day experiences of every employee within the organization. Free gym memberships and health insurances may enhance employee attitude, but EX is more of having a fun and enjoyable experience within a culture that fits every talent. This spans from the very first contact as a recruited candidate, to his on-boarding, first evaluation, training, and until he graces his exit interview.

Apart from competing in the job market, EX is an invaluable factor to keep employees from resigning. Employee experience reflects the quality of the workplace culture and their job performance. Feedback has played a role in understanding how employers should support every employee to grow and to succeed within the premise of the job site.

Jacob Morgan, a business author, shares that prioritizing EX has various positive impacts on business performance. In his study, companies who invested heavily in EX has always been ranked to list of Best Places to Work, Most In-Demand Employers, Most Innovative Companies, and Customer Satisfaction Indexes.

Understanding and optimizing EX has emerged to be one of the innovative priority among HR and business executives. Consistent positive experiences build a positive culture that essentially attracts talent and retain highly-engaged employees.

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