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Along with the promotion of ethical recruitment and our mandate to an above and beyond service, Rensol launches its own PEOS online and E-registration booth where workers can take it for free with assistance from our recruiters.

PEOS Online and E-registration are the mandatory procedures for all aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers for them to know all the necessary information on the overseas job application, documentary requirements and costs, and a scheme to protect them against illegal recruitment.

All OFWs must accomplish this two as a pre-requisite of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). Recruitment agencies can only submit documents of workers who have completed the PEOS online course. This aims to ensure that all deployed workers will be good ambassadors of the Philippines and will not be runaway employees due to culture shock or lack of information.

The same thing goes with e-registration. This is POEA’s online registration facility where aspiring applicants will have their profiles registered in the official database of the agency.

While workers are ideally expected to have it prior to applying to a licensed recruitment agency, Rensol Recruitment noticed that most workers haven’t taken it even before their deployment. A PEOS Certificate should be an additional certificate when applying for a job but many applicants have none of it.

Applicants without internet access may use our facility to take this service for free. By just taking the PEOS online seminar and e-registration, one worker will surely be abroad-ready.

PEOS Compliance

In a span of seven minutes per module, an applicant can finish each video seminar, including the assessment test. Upon completion, the user will receive an email notification of their test result and a certificate of completion.

The first module is about P.R.I.C.E.S.T. which stands for Physical mobility, relationship, income, career movement and direction, expenses, skills, and time. Module 2 is about where one can find employment the legal way. Module 3 tackles the POEA’s campaign against illegal recruitment and teaches users about the schemes employed by recruiters.

Module 4 is about the fees that an OFW needs to pay should he decides to work overseas. Module 5 provides users with details that they need to look into when signing contracts. Module 6 provides information about a particular country, its culture, and customs. Module 7 is about staying healthy and keeping safe in their host country, and Module 8 provides the users with a directory of POEA officials should they need assistance.

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