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Overseas Recruitment and Talent Sourcing is a heavily regulated industry which needs to be followed effectively for proper and risk-free operations. In the Philippines, this line of business constantly faces the challenge of meeting rising quality standards and complying with rigorous regulatory requirements. These increase in interconnected processes between the foreign employer and the Philippine Government makes it extremely difficult, almost impossible, for them to administer direct hiring.

One of, if not the major hurdle that foreign principals face when recruiting Filipino talents is dealing with, adhering to and accomplishing the numerous Accreditation Documents that the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration requires for their approval as a legitimate employer of Filipinos for overseas opportunities and these are as follows:

  1. Special Power of Attorney (SPA) – Is a Letter of Authorization limited to the recruitment, processing and documentation of Filipino workers where they are giving their partner recruitment agency in the Philippines the authority to represent their company.
  2. Manpower Request Letter – A document specifically addressed to the POEA, stating the company’s intention to hire Filipinos and acknowledging every single parameter of the Philippine Government in reference to employing local workers.
  3. Recruitment Agreement – Document stating the agreement of the foreign principal and the partner recruitment agency in the Philippines.
  4. Copy of Commercial Registration – Is a copy of the employer’s business license with English Translation.
  5. Copy of Standard Employment Contract – Sample specimen of the company’s employment contract. Includes provision of housing accommodation, food, overtime/holiday/rest day rate/payment, as previously approved by the POEA.
  6. Company Profile and Location Map

In special cases wherein, the principal chooses to change their partner recruitment agency in the Philippines, they will also need to accomplish a revocation letter to nullify the above-mentioned documents with their previous representative.

All these documents must be authenticated and verified at the Philippine Embassy nearest the employer. And after accomplishing this phase, then comes the other laborious and mind-numbing steps of the hiring process.

In a nutshell, accrediting a foreign employer with the POEA alone is tedious and this poses a great challenge for principals to acquire the quality manpower that they desire. If the employer fails to accomplish at least one of the aforementioned documents, the rejection of the recruitment or even the breakdown in relations between them and the Philippine government is probable. So, it is that much important for foreign employers to choose the right partner recruitment agency in the Philippines that will ensure that this undertaking gets accomplished.

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