Engineering Recruitment Boom in Australia: Dive in Melbourne’s Sea of Cranes

The engineering sector has been the largest non-services sector and the cornerstone of the Australian economy. It has employed 1.1 million people over the years; both local and overseas workers. For the first instalment of this two-part series which tackles the engineering recruitment boom in the Land Down Under, let’s first dive into the vast sea of cranes of Melbourne.

Sea of Cranes

The number of cranes dotting the skyline signifies how successful the engineering industry of a city has been. Melbourne, Australia’s fastest-growing city, shows an infrastructure boom with a highly- evident sea of cranes in its residential and commercial areas. Engineering companies are flourishing with cranes erected almost anywhere.

The city was categorized in the second circuit of capital where engineering replaces manufacturing as the key driver of growth. To prepare for this, the Victorian government appropriated major engineering investments to propel these developments.

It was predicted by the Federal Government that the engineering recruitment of Melbourne will boom by 10.9 per cent within five years to 2022 with a projection to be the next largest city by 2046, overtaking Sydney as the epicenter of engineering in Australia. The engineering industry of Melbourne has been extremely busy, and this opens a lot of doors for various foreign engineering professionals looking to develop their career overseas.

Engineering Recruitment


Fueled by multi-billion-dollar projects, the success of Melbourne’s engineering industry suggests millions of jobs be created. The city’s economy heavily relies on overseas engineering recruitment to drive employment, keeping building more buildings within one of the most populous cities in Australia.

Continuous creation of infrastructure projects keeps the sector in business and in providing work to thousands of engineering talents. However, a real drought of quality local engineering candidates who can deliver builds at a high standard has been foreseen by various specialist recruiters. Overseas engineering recruitment increasingly boosts employment across its local economy.

Shane Garrett, an economist from the Housing Industry Association (HIA), cited that residential building activities have dwindled a few from its peak, yet it remained very elevated by historical standards. Along with this rise is the acceleration of engineering recruitment index for the past six months. Apparently, it has been at its fastest pace while even hitting an all-time high.

The employment growth and the increasing trend in engineering recruitment in Melbourne suggest a strong sign of confidence for the industry. Engineering activities have been “generally expanding” that makes its performance deliveries and employment playing well in the national composite index.

Engineering recruitment in Melbourne has been at its busiest. $100 million+ project space is still busy with several engineering projects from planning to the early stages of construction. The industry remains strong against tumbling approvals and the surge of the market for apartments with continuous migration from overseas and interstate. Melbourne has been welcoming 100,000 new residents year by year, which include Filipino workers and their families, which by the way are composite of its growing engineering workforce.

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