Everyone intrinsically longs for the feeling of home, where he can feel that he is cared for. This translates to the need of the patients to be attended by healthcare professionals who have genuine kindness and compassion in caring for other people.

There’s no denying that pulling off processes and technological innovations to provide quality services to patients are vital factors in improving health conditions and in achieving patient satisfaction; but healthcare providers need not to overlook the importance of human elements to healthcare.

A scientific literature review by Stanford University and Dignity Health has shown that healthcare services which were delivered with kindness and compassion have resulted to positive health improvements among patients (e.g. reduced pain, reduced anxiety, shorter hospital stays, etc.). It was also found that it helps build a good relationship between the patient and the medical personnel that ultimately leads to accurate sharing of information and proper diagnosis and treatment. This review is just one of the many studies that affirm that love, care and kindness plays a hand in the rehabilitation and improvement of health patients.

Moreover, Dr. James Dotty, founder and director of Stanford University School of Medicine’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education said that when healthcare is delivered with kindness and compassion, it has a significantly greater effect than when it is given in a dispassionate fashion that assumes that human connection has no benefit.

Rensol Recruitment have its database and network resources rich with “care givers” who have the mind and the heart, especially in the Filipino populace of healthcare professionals.

International healthcare recruitment significantly drives the demand for Filipino nurses and other health professionals to different parts of the world. The Filipino brand of healthcare has been widely- known as innately gentle and respectful in approach. Apparently, healthcare decisions made by the working Filipino were highly- influenced by their religion, their family, and their home.

Filipinos, in a research study, showed strong faith, strong family ties, and strong aspiration to lift their family to financial abundance. This goes to show how they are inclined to take care of the sick, most especially the elderly.

There’s no denying that kindness and compassion is not everyone’s thing, and it for sure, cannot be mandated, that is why it’s important to have healthcare professionals who innately possesses these values. Healthcare professionals who will take good care of others even nobody is watching. Healthcare professionals who will be more than happy to offer what they can even if they are tired and stressed. Healthcare professionals who have the intelligence to apply the right treatment and the heart to make his/her patient smile.

“‘Cure sometimes, treat often, and comfort always.’”

– Hippocrates

For more information on how to conduct a healthcare recruitment campaign with above and beyond end to end assistance in the Philippines, please connect with the Business Development Team at [email protected] We will be ready to sit down with you and understand your concerns and configure a complete recruitment plan to ensure better success.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.


There are the plane engines that are heard revving from afar. Families escorting their loved ones towards the departure area with the already saddened vibe. People, busy scurrying around, settling their own matters and last farewells. Parents, already missing their sons and daughters, and children, already crying for they know that dad or mom will go away for a while.

The hardest goodbye will always be that one:

That one last sniff of their familiar scent.
That one last comforting embrace.
That one last glance into the already heavyhearted eyes.

The usual scene in Filipino airports as they wave them goodbye…

“Love transcends boundaries. Make the pain of being far away worth every waking day.”

Sometimes life forces Filipinos to leave behind those who matter to them so that they can make them experience the best that the world can provide. They are driven to conquer the unforgiving arena of the professional world overseas not because of fake patriotism and a pure, selfish want of a more, but because they dream of a better life for those they hold most dear. Filipinos work, enduring the coldness of the biting loneliness, missing the warmth of everyone’s homely embrace and radiant laughter, because they have to. Their families depend on these modern heroes. Life is already hard – and working far away, even harder.

Filipinos are the best universal employees not only because of their world-competent skillset, not only because of their adaptability in whichever field, and not only because they are humble, friendly, and jolly people on and off work. They are the best workers that the world has ever seen because they do everything with love as their greatest motivational core. Love drives their passion for hard work. They push the boundary of what was only conceived to be the limits of what a person can do because something propels and inspires them to be the best version of what they can be for their families, out there, in the working world. Filipinos are the best workers in the world for they aspire not only for their own growth and success but for their families’ prosperity as well. One’s success is a whole’s triumph.

Filipino workers are putting great strain on their hearts and minds when they leave those who matter to them in search of a greener pasture, for that great pursuit of a better life. That is why they must choose a reliable and trustworthy recruitment firm that will help them reach that dream. On the other hand, foreign employers who gambles their business’ futures whenever they import workers abroad would want to set their eyes on engaging and employing only the best people for their available professional opportunities and that makes choosing the right recruitment service, to help them find the perfect manpower that matches their preferences and inclinations. This is of great significance for both sides – to find a good quality recruitment firm that genuinely cares for everyone’s well-being.

That is where Rensol Recruitment and Consulting comes in – they aim to bridge the gap between those that are seeking entrepreneurial success and those who can be instrumental to that success.

Their brand of recruitment is committed to the idea that their client’s best interests are of paramount importance. They dedicate their everyday operations towards reaching the clients’ set standards and placing the right man for the specific task with no shortcuts and no foolery. Their passion in meeting the clientele’s needs outweighs any other objective, any other goal. Rensol’s critical sorting process finds and tailors the right Filipino worker for the job. Placing the ones with the most effective skillset as required by their client database with varying lines of business across continents is what they do best. They handle everything from recruitment planning up to post deployment for they care about those who choose to trust their recruitment services. And in this business, trust and reliability will help you go a long way in landing success in your respective businesses.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

The demand for hospitality services has grown bigger as millennials, the wanderlust generation, conquered one-third of the world’s hotel guests and may reach 50 percent by 2020. Meanwhile, this increase in the global consumer trend hasn’t corresponded with the level of competency of the hospitality workforce. In a report by the Food Service Consultants Society International (FCSI), hospitality, despite being a people industry, unfortunately, lacks the right people for the right skill set.


Crisis on Human Capital

Talent imbalance is the lack of candidates, lack of experience, or the lack of skills or technical capabilities among candidates. Tagged as a crisis on human capital, it has become one of the biggest challenges facing the recruitment of hospitality talents.

This problem was associated with recruitment professionals to the relatively low career attractiveness of this industry. This roots from the usual remote geographical locations of travel hotspots, the stereotyping for being an industry for low skilled workers with low compensation, demanding working hours, gender-biased vacancies, and zero career growth.

With this, the escalation on hard-to-fill vacancies lead to poor customer service, increase costs in hospitality service, and worse, decreasing profits. This acute impact impelled many companies to employ candidates with little experience to no qualifications at all.


Traditional Hospitality at its Best

The international hospitality industry has been long suffering from an under-skilled labor force based on FCSI’s Taste of Society 2020 Report. The struggle of matching talent’s competitiveness to the necessity of the current market has been a crisis being ignored.

Many companies, including the government, invested most of their resources to infrastructure to enrich tourism, however, they have downplayed the need for human capital that will arise from such upgrades. Some resorted to automation and other technological advancements to cover up lack of manpower, but at the end of the day, traditional hospitality is still unsurpassed.

A people industry highly-depends on quality people to efficiently provide a quality service. This industry should realize that manpower is not an additional cost but an investment to improve your package. Your company should not just be a tourist destination, but a talent destination, as well.


Strategic Hospitality Recruitment

Talent imbalances were anticipated to elevate the need for global talents. Various developments in tourism had generated millions of jobs and the challenge of filling it with the most qualified talents has been competitive, too. Hospitality recruitment agencies should be strategic in employing approaches geared towards talent attraction.

The Philippines, specifically, is one of the World’s top source of globally-competitive workers. Hospitality is an innate value among Filipinos and the industry dedicated to it is something these people are already passionate about. That is why Fortune 500 companies have Filipinos in their top choices for skilled professionals. Their brand of hospitality is innate and world-famous.

Rensol believes that world-class recruitment practices and innovative approaches in talent acquisition will significantly help your company to address talent imbalances in your workplace and to essentially attract the best candidate for your vacancies.

Seasoned recruiters will always have an eye for star performers. Learn more of our best practices in talent acquisition and let us collaborate to achieve your business goals.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

It was formerly discussed in a previous blog post: https://rensol.com/fill-local-employment-retail-hospitality-industries/) how the retail and hospitality industries are struggling  with the generational shift to MENA millennials and how potential partner recruitment agencies in the Philippines like Rensol Recruitment can contribute strategically in supplying the world’s increasing demand on retail and hospitality workforce to abridge our local employment gap.

Provided here are practical ideas on understanding millennial behaviors and what impact this generation will cause your company. Millennials turn out to be the biggest slice of the workforce now, and coincidentally, the dominant portion of consumers and shoppers, too. Millennials are taking over the workplace of their parents. And apparently, you can’t just hire them the way you hired their parents before.

Why does the retail industry need more millennials in their businesses and how can they be effective in catering the demands of today’s market?

In a previous survey by LinkedIn on Millennial Job Switching concluded at the end of 2016, this major generation is drifting away from retail to pursue growing industries like technology and healthcare. Seemingly observed, retail jobs were perceived as mere entry-level professions, yet very demanding.

Well, enticing millennials to enter this industry may have been as tough as appealing to millennials to shop in your store.


Understanding the Generation Y

They are not kids anymore. Millennials were in the range of ages 20 – 35 this year. While media treats them like spoiled kids to be babysitted, they weren’t anymore. They have already grown up to mature kiddos. Most of them have already acquired a degree in college and have prepared enough to land their first job.

They are stereotyped as being entitled and self- centered. Many executives are deeply concerned too about them being uncommitted and lacking loyalty. But there are more about millennials that they should be considered, rather than doubted and underestimated.

Unlike previous generations, they were fascinated by a lot of things apart from money. So, if your venture brags an undeniably high compensation, you can’t still have a millennial unless he/she is passionate about doing the job being offered.

They will never sacrifice the quality of their life for a career they will never enjoy. It is common for this generation to take a long time applying for a job, not just for being selective, but by being extra careful on what path to grab. Life is short, you only live once, says their mantra.

They will yearn for flexible work arrangements and practically, work-life balance is one of their highest priorities. They get stressed with competition, they could work more effectively with a rather collaborative environment.

It has been a new trend among recruitment and human resource sites to update their packages and reinvent their strategies just to attract them to apply. Apart from being fastidious and demanding, they are inherently skeptical of what is being offered. The struggle in recruiting millennials, specifically in the retail industry, is real. This significantly leads to the ballooning of hard – to – fill jobs in related industries.


Why Hire Millennials

They dominantly own this generation and there are a lot of reasons why we need to maximize them in the competition.

Fresh practices and perspectives. Accept it, some traditional practices are not working as effectively as before. Industries have changed and are continually changing. The only way to get along with the fast-paced environment is to employ the younger generation. They aren’t immature for it, they are equipped to revolutionize your business.

Exhilarating energy. This energy doesn’t only exude from their youth, it has been driven by their passion to endeavor new things for the betterment of the company. The force and effort they can dedicate can push your company significantly forward.

Tech-savvy. Technology has been a part of the many facets of millennial lifestyle. They are abreast with the newest trends, as well as the complexities of social media. They can effectively take advantage of this new stuff in all your business processes.

Familiarity with the current market. Shoppers and consumers, as well as your viable business partners, are getting younger. Your future goldmines may have been just their friends and related acquaintances within their circle of influence.

Attracting Star-Performing Millennials

There is no denying how your retail business badly needs a millennial. This is not just a mere trend but a necessity to keep surviving and competing.

Be on social media. They will surely rely their future endeavor beyond the tip of their fingertips within the comfort of their smartphones.  You must be creative to catch their distracted attention span. You must communicate a fitting message for millennial candidates.

Make the recruitment process a personalized experience for every candidate. Provide them an overview of how their life would be like in your company. Make it more personal and intimate as possible. Break stereotypical interview and hiring processes especially for them.

Listen to them and let their voices be heard. Millennials are expressive, and they need to voice out whatever they have in mind. It might not be usual for executives to refrain from talking, but at the very least, have some time to listen.

Know their expectations. Basically, millennials were hunting for work environments which cares about them. Apart from thinking what your retail company can offer for them, be earnest in knowing what they wanted to have from you as an employer.

Perks not pay. Millennials don’t really care that much about the compensation you will offer them, no matter how big it is. They are more attracted with the perks and benefits of working with you. These perks are not necessarily medical, insurance, or sickness benefits, but the many privileges that they can have if they will join your team. This may include awards, rewards, or incentives that you can provide to pay off their good performance. Apparently, they crave for recognition or feedback.

To attract millennials to join your team, your retail company must be something someone will be happy and satisfied to work with. Your workplace should be found as a great place to work. It must be desirable enough to train and retain these young talents.

Seasoned recruiters will always have an eye for star performers. Learn more of our best practices in talent acquisition and let us collaborate to achieve your business goals.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

If a candidate wants to get hired, he primarily needs high Intelligence Quotient (IQ), but if he covets to get promoted, he must have a high Emotional Intelligence (EQ). In the same correlation, if an executive desire to be successful, he should have a team with high IQ, but if he aims for an excellent one, he must have a team who values EQ.

It was a proven fact that an executive can only achieve the ascendance from the monotony of success to the full culmination of excellence if he has a team who works together in harmony and in maximum effectiveness. The competition in talent acquisition has really been tough these days. It is on how human resource strategies get along with the rapid changes to explicitly respond to the demands of the competition without compromising the quality of hired employees as their company’s invaluable assets. The job has been tedious but there is a key for every executive and their recruiters to conclude a talent decision the company will never regret. Apart from satisfying clients’ expectations, the company can also attain a work ambiance healthy for everyone. Apparently, a recruiter could never go wrong with a candidate who possesses high levels of EQ. Regardless of job type, EQ has been a reliable predictor of a guaranteed positive performance in the workplace.

Long before, IQ has been the only gauge recruiters have to foresee a candidate’s viable success in the industry. But with decades of research, a missing link yet a critical factor that was long disregarded in the crucial process of talent acquisition has been found. This critical factor doesn’t just make the job of recruiters easier but just ascertained that they may have been losing potential top performers in the process. It was just in 1995 when this new kind of smart has been determined and coined. And in 2020, the World Economic Forum predicts this to emerge as one of the top 20 skills among human resources, even surpassing technical abilities.


Emotion Matters

Emotional intelligence or EQ surprisingly comprises that critical portion to 90% of star performers in every company. But by being intangible, it may be difficult to figure how much we have or how much we actually lack. Emotions are intrinsic to our humanness and are vital in controlling how will we behave within our premise. Inherently, candidates with high levels of EQ can manage their own feelings, can perceive and express themselves, can form and maintain social relationships, can cope with stressful challenges and can come up with personal decisions which guarantee favorable result. Such qualities may have been commendatory for many executives who envisions to have a healthy work environment and an excellent workspace. It so happens that people with high EQ are usually successful in most things they do. Every team wants to have them. Their attitude essentially brings good karma back to them.

Meanwhile, if you have an employee who get stressed easily, who could not stand tension and endure anxiety, who couldn’t manage their moods responsibly, who couldn’t handle conflict, who are quick to make assumptions and argues vehemently, who easily succumbed to pessimistic emotions, who always blames other people, who are easily offended by negative remarks, or those who are just being toxic in your workplace are indications you have overlooked the candidate’s level of EQ before absorbing them in your company. Along with an increasingly demanding professional climate various industry requires, higher stress levels, increased workloads and hours, and the pressure of the fast-paced environment make it more crucial. Executives should try to hire the most emotionally- intelligent individuals who could handle this or at the very least, dedicate premium for their manpower’s emotional needs.

While cognitive intelligence is as significant to determine whether a candidate could perform the job as prescribed, knowing whether he will succeed in doing such is where emotional intelligence plays a great role.  This will foretell a candidate’s motivation, creativity, drive, commitment, passion, and energy to carry out his function more than we expect.

IQ alone could not fill in your vacancies with ideal employees you ever wished to have.  A man with high EQ but low IQ may have intellectual discrepancies while having someone with high IQ, but low EQ may lead to poor performance. An ideal candidate is a seamless fusion of both.

Executives must acknowledge this strategy as their own competitive edge in their respective market and for such assets are keys which will never be duplicated by competitors.


The Filipino Psychology

There has been a lot of misconceptions about how western countries view the psychology of the Filipino people. Dr. Virgilio Enriquez, the Father of Philippine Psychology himself, pinpointed the emotional values of Filipinos that many western ideologies had subjected into bad light.

Enriquez highlighted in his contributions to the study regarding the emotional intelligence of the Filipino people the three core values that have been uniquely shared in its culture.

First is the concept of “Kapwa” or shared identity which emphasizes how Filipino communities have been established.  Everyone in the community is generally inclined with a people-centered orientation, that they are morally-obliged to connect and to build relationship with others.

Second is the shared inner nobility or the spirit of “Bayanihan” where people are willing to offer a helping hand for a common cause.

Lastly, intuition or in the western psychology, specifically known as emotional intelligence. This has been an innate quality among Filipinos where they can naturally read body languages, tone of voice, and hidden emotions by mere gut- feeling.

For Westerners, the ‘as- God- wills’ attitude among Filipinos is a sign of fatalism but in actuality, it is an expression of determination and preparedness to face whatever challenge is ahead. Some foreign countries also regard the concept of “debt of gratitude” as a return of favor with interest but on the contrary, it is not a debt obliged to be paid but only a regard to kindness being offered. The natural expression of shame among locals was also misunderstood by westerners as on how awkward we are to become socially acceptable but in fact, it is just our innate sense of propriety to whatever circumstances we get involved with. Even the way Filipinos aim for companionship was a misconception to debunk as it was regarded to avoid arguments or conflicts but in reality, it is just natural for many Filipinos to long for camaraderie, build relationships, and form harmonious community, and as a norm, Filipinos give the best treatment they think every human deserves. Lastly, Filipinos were seen as being too emotional. Studies have shown that the Philippines topped as the home of the World’s most emotional people, while Singapore, being the least. But to be more precise, being emotional is an understatement.

Psychologist regarded this behavior distinctively as emotional expressiveness, a relevant indicator of emotional intelligence. Expressiveness comes along with awareness in recognizing the entirety of emotionality.

After all, EQ is not being emotional alone, it is an umbrella term for skills such as: self- awareness, interpersonal communication, flexibility, stress management, and optimism.

Singapore has actually pioneered emotional intelligence education because of their alarming status on EQ while the United States, which doesn’t appear at the forefront in the statistic, has still to work on their level of self- awareness, a skill innate for 60% of Filipino people.

This nature has been considered by psychologists from Spaniards which had an occupancy of three centuries in the archipelago.  

While emotional intelligence is a set of core skills and competencies that we could learn and develop as we grow, Filipinos, in general, are innate to be intelligent emotionally.

Seasoned recruiters will always have an eye for star performers. Learn more of our best practices in talent acquisition and let us collaborate to achieve your business goals.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

For managers of multinational firms, recruiting Filipino professionals and technical staff means their company will inevitably and undoubtedly experience a bit of Filipino customs and culture. There’s a saying that the Filipinos have grown up 300 years in a Spanish convent, and 50 years of Hollywood, and another 70 years of trying this experiment called “The Filipino People”. This has led to a naturally warm, gentle, and hospitable nation.

For those who are not too familiar with our nation’s history, prior to the conquest of the Spanish conquistadors, there were no known “Filipinos.”  The archipelago was once a mixed bag of language groups and tribes.  It was only at the end of the Spanish Era wherein the local intellectual class awakened and recognized the patchwork of mini-nations is really one in character – The Filipino. The Americans built on their ideals, and transitioned the people to embrace nationhood, and upon independence, the leadership banked on it to ensure that we are one nation of many people.

One cannot find fault, but might even realize how amusing it is that The Philippines today is the only Latin Country in Asia, with a very positive outlook towards the West.  We love our basketball as much as we love our chorizos and tapas.  We cry over our Telenovelas as much as we are gripped in America’s Got Talent.

To define the Filipino character in a few words is like trying to describe how many colors are present in a rainbow to an unborn child.  It really takes one to experience or engage a Filipino to see that we are a hardy yet warm people.  One can probably look at the following:

Filipinos are slow to anger.

When crossing the streets of Manila, even at the point of a near accident and doing a Russian Roulette with the Grim Reaper, a Filipino would still smile and giggle about the incident.  The opposite would have happened if one was in Singapore, Vienna, or New York, where the pedestrian would assert his rights and even slam his hands on the car that cut him off. Filipinos have a concept called “pikon”, loosely translated to be weak tempered or cranky.  A person who displays this attitude would reap more teasing and be the butt of every joke – something that every Filipino wants to avoid as much as possible.  This is one of the first barriers of the Filipino mindset from getting angry.

Filipinos are service-oriented.

The global phenomenon of bumping into a Filipino nurse, flight attendant, or hotel staff across the globe –  from Alaska all the way to New Zealand is no accident.  While the healthcare, hospitality, and airline industries have clearly recognized this trait among Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), the mindset is deeply ingrained in the national character even beyond the modern times.  Being hospitable and helpful is considered as a matter of honor not just for an individual but even by Filipino families themselves.  If one is not known to be helpful or is churlish, brusque, or ungracious, this would be considered by the community as shameful.

Filipinos are family-centric.

Managers who have worked with Filipinos, and have helped in their onboarding would have an experience of him crying the first 2 weeks as he would grapple with homesickness.  However, that weakness is the very same strength that pulls him through this: his love for his family. His family is his primary motivation. They’re his reason why he would sacrifice to sign a 2-year contract bound to foreign and unfamiliar land thousands of miles away, bid his wife and children farewell so that he could get better chances in life and provide more for them.

Filipinos are cheerful.

This is often confused by many that Filipinos take things lightly.  However, it might be seen part of the overall character of the Filipino when it comes to coping with stress or difficulties.  It’s not uncommon to even visit a funeral in the Philippines and see people who would be smiling and sharing bits of laughter during the wake.  While western humor might be leaning towards sarcasm, Filipino humor is more of slapstick.  It’s no wonder why movies like Mr. Bean or The Gods Must Be Crazy are big hits in the country.  In the workplace, one would find their Filipino staff who has gained some comfort in his surrounding as someone who could bring a joke or two for the day – or light up the office with a little funny line during a stressful moment.

Filipinos are very culturally adaptive.

Whether the OFW ends up working as a nurse in Japan, or as Rigger on an oil platform offshore Brazil, whether it’s in the tundra of Siberia or deserts of Saudi Arabia, he or she would embrace with ease the local culture.  We Filipinos find it no difficulty to assimilate into the local culture.  In the Philippines alone, while there might be spits of racism you will find, not a single concept of xenophobia in and among the people.  Therefore, when Filipinos leave the country, you will never find them insisting their own culture upon the host country.  They will learn the language, they will shadow their hosts and take on their traits as well.

While all of these are true, one would experience a bit of the Philippines when they meet a Filipino.  It might not be a perfect national character, but it does work for those companies who want to improve their customer engagement or customer experience, or if a company desires staff who work with a heart.  That truly becomes an asset to many managers.

Finally, there’s another saying “You can bring out the Filipino from the Philippines, but you cannot take away the Philippines from the Filipino.”

Bring out the karaoke!

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

The Philippines is one of the biggest sources of manpower globally. Overseas Filipino Workers are preferred and sought after by most foreign employers because we are undoubtedly a gold mine for world-class talents. Moreover, due to the lack of local opportunity, more and more Filipinos are proactively choosing to leave the country for better chances in life. According to a study conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), there’s an estimated 2.2 Million Overseas Filipino Workers (numbers estimated from April – September 2016) all over the world. These digits continually increase because of sluggish growth in the employment rate caused by rapid population growth and increased labor force participation. As per a survey done by the Social Weather Station (SWS) between July – September 2017, an estimated 8.7 Million Filipinos are currently unemployed. Contrariwise, professional opportunities abroad are increasing. In Western Europe alone, there are already 2.6 million jobs available (data-driven from Eurostat Database, 2017) for aspiring workers.

Forthwith, the rapidly growing communities of OFWs is surprisingly being accommodated. Even with stricter expatriate regulations everywhere. Apparently, foreigners love us because we are caring, hospitable, creative, adaptable, honest and passionate in everything that we do.  Case in point, in Saudi Arabia, a Filipino worker named Dawood S. Balindong, was recognized for saving a local from drowning in Jeddah during the heavy rains they’ve experienced last November. While in United Arab Emirates (UAE), a Filipino Domestic Worker, Melanie Manansala, was favored to be the “Best Nanny” of the year for her openness, honesty, and commitment. They are just some of the many OFWs who stood out because of their innately good qualities.

Fact –  having a Filipino worker in your team is the next big trend in the international recruitment space, and if you’re desiring to onboard one you must prepare yourself to go through a rigorous process. There are 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, and so forth meticulous procedures, since the Philippine government strictly observes and regulates the overseas recruitment requirements. As such, you need to find a reliable recruitment agency that will not just fulfill your job requirements quantitatively but will also make sure the qualitative aspect is achieved, both in the process and the candidates.

Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is not an agency that aims to collect resumes for profit. We are a recruitment firm that advocates zero (0) fees for the candidates and promises a long-lasting partnership with our clients. Rensol not only works to get your requirements done but also ensures to give you a win-win recruitment solution – the consultant, the adviser, and the problem-solver, even after the deployment process.

While we provide you the quality workforce and we ease up the recruitment process for you, all we ask from you is to abide by the provisions of the contract to protect our people.

Isn’t that simple?

Hire the best talents now in the Philippines with Rensol! Let’s win together!

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

Why does being on trend mature into a critical issue in recruitment?

Well, it’s the thing called recruitment competition in knowledge on the know-how’s; competition in the crowded Recruitment Industry especially in the Middle East where strict compliance applies. To start becoming an effective recruiter you must know the ins and outs in the recruitment process or else, you’ll find yourself hanged out of the region.

Major Recruitment Trends in the Middle East are as follows:

Trend #1. Nationalization Pressure

One of the top priorities for Gulf region governments in recent times has been to increase the share of private sector jobs held by nationals.

Small populations and the lack of local skills and rapidly growing economy have driven ever upward the demand for foreign candidates.

Various countries are taking measures to increase nationalization. Saudi Arabia has embarked on Saudization, while Kuwait has also taken measures to make expatriates less employable, by limiting professions in which expatriates can be employed.  Similar measures have been taken by the emirates in the form of Emiratization.

Trend #2. Worker Protection

Governments in the Gulf are gradually working to improve worker conditions mainly due to the heavy criticism from international media.

This issue came to bear recently in the Emirates when a report from the Guardian found that dozens of South Asian migrant laborers were found to be living in poor conditions.

In response, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates have launched a wage protection system to ensure payment of salaries on time. UAE has removed a six-month visa ban on employees who left their jobs while the Kafala (worker sponsorship) system in Qatar changed to ensure more protection

Trend #3. Conservative Hiring

Reduced oil prices and government spending cuts have made businesses cautious in the Middle East. Companies are looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency by undertaking restructuring, merging job roles and outsourcing candidates for a lot of jobs.

With hiring under more scrutiny, companies are looking to focus on candidates who can perform a wide range of duties. This, in turn, created a market where top talent got freed up and was made available.

Trend #4. Tensions Building Between Countries

Diplomatic Tensions and burgeoning military conflicts have been rising steadily in the Middle East, putting further demands on government finances.

These tensions have translated to restrictions. The attention from international media makes it more difficult for companies to attract expatriate talents and securing employment visas for candidates continues to be a challenge. With political tensions on the rise, employers may need to look elsewhere for Arabic-speaking candidates.

Also, more pain is likely to follow if the current low prices remain the same which will have a big effect on the recruitment industry. Still, the Middle East remains a haven for large development projects, and these states remain in a better position due to investments and large government reserves.


Why know these things? Simple… because recruitment is not easy, you should know everything by heart and mind. It isn’t just about meeting the requirements; it is all about knowing the country you are serving; their culture, their government and laws, their people and their beliefs to become successful.

To secure a spot in recruitment in the Middle East, first, you must be equipped with the right knowledge about the region.

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ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

From two-person boutique recruitment shops to mega agencies with offices scattered around the globe – all with their own specialties and strengths, the options can be overwhelming. With so many fishes in the sea, how do you pick the best fit for you?

Here are four essential practices you can follow while selecting the right partner recruitment agency in the Philippines.

  1. Above and Beyond Commitment

Commitment and perseverance trump everything else while hiring Filipino staff. Therefore, Principals should find a committed partner that can solve problems that they might encounter when conducting overseas recruitment.

There are two sets of hurdles foreign employers are likely to face when hiring overseas Filipino workers:

  1. Finding the right employee to hire – which is the universal job of a recruitment agency.
  2. Working with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration – This is unique to the Philippines; all employment agencies that seek to offer employment abroad should first be accredited and licensed by POEA.

POEA protects the Filipino worker, both in the Philippines and in the ultimate work location overseas. The administration calls the shots, they make every attempt to ensure the employer’s practices are consistent with worker protection laws and practices.

Hence, your agency should be adept at understanding and managing the POEA. Be sure that POEA will have an opinion on the contract, the work practices, and the legal requirements. The agency you choose should be able to successfully manage POEA requirements.

  1. What is Your End Game?

It is crucial for you to understand what you want to accomplish with your partner recruitment agency in the Philippines. The world of talent acquisition is wide, and an agency that does good Volume Recruitment may not be the best for Specialized Executive Search.

Understand the best options for your type of recruitment, and choose a partner agency with expertise in those areas.

  1. Google to Coogle

Make sure to check the recruitment agency’s website as it tells you a lot about the company. When you are looking at a recruiter’s website, start by looking at the team. This is where you can find out more about the experience, strengths, and personality of each of their Consultants, and by extension, the agency itself.

Secondly, scroll through the job board to see if you can find any job descriptions that match your preferences. If you can, then you are on the right track. And finally, read through the resources that are available on the website such blog posts and white papers. Make a note of how active the agency is in helping its candidates, partners and peers, and how knowledgeable it is in the areas that you need the most help with.

  1. Learn to be Social!

Find an agency that stays in touch with the latest developments in the job market, as well as having a reputation for success. As social media is the preferred medium of communication for many people, good recruitment agencies tend to post regular updates on their social channels in order to stay in touch with their network of clients and candidates. Some agencies may choose LinkedIn, while others prefer Facebook; check both to get a good understanding.

In summary, The Philippines is home to numerous recruitment agencies across many different industries and specializations. Being so spoilt for choice, many job seekers and clients find it difficult to take the first step and approach an agency, even though they are in need of support. However, sometimes all it takes to find the right agency is to simply talk to one about what you need.

Rensol Recruitment & Consulting is a specialized, experienced Philippine recruitment agency that provides guidance to many companies embarking on a journey to recruit in the Philippines. If you are still unsure of which agency is the best fit for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

Why Filipinos are in the Forefront of Global Citizenship? The Filipino Diaspora was happening long before the term was even coined during the height of Overseas Filipino Workers’ deployment in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  From the pre-Spanish times where, navigational pilots helped traders from China to navigate through Southeast Asia, up to today’s welders in Riyadh or Eastern Siberia, the Filipinos have made a mark as one of true global citizen.

According to the results of the 2016 Survey on Overseas Filipino Workers conducted by The Philippine Statistics Authority, there are 2.2 million Filipinos working outside the country as contract workers. This is a headcount exclusive of those Filipinos who have chosen to migrate to another country – but all the same becoming ambassadors of goodwill in their adopted lands and making the Filipino professional and skilled workers known as a people of exceptional skill.

This has led to a vibrant overseas recruitment industry –  the keepers of the doorsteps to the Filipino job market.  The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is the main government agency tasked to regulate the recruitment industry in the country.  This means that all foreign employers are required to be accredited at the POEA, all candidates are to be certified, and all recruitment agencies must bear a legitimate license.  The POEA ensures that as we send our compatriots to foreign countries that we bring nothing but the best of our people.

It can be argued that this has really left that indelible mark among human resources professionals that when it comes to staff augmentation, the best recourse if the local population will not be able to supply the needs, is to look towards the Philippines.  Overall, it has become beneficial to all concerned – the host country gained the skills that Filipinos brought with them, the employers met their objectives, and the contracted Filipino workers were able to gain experience and pursue greater heights for their own careers.

If we can sum up, why Filipinos are in the forefront of Global Citizenship, we can say the following:

1.           Filipinos have an educational system that thinks global.  This has generated student graduates who know that the horizon ahead of them is not limited to the shores of the archipelago, but the world is their playground.  This has also made most Filipinos to be bilingual speakers.

2.           Filipinos are highly skilled.  Be it the aviation industry or hospitality industry, Filipinos are known to have been on the leading edge of the talent pool.

3.           Filipinos are very adaptive.  You visit Filipinos in Germany, Saudi Arabia, or Japan, and you will find them assimilating easily into the local culture.  Filipinos never have a mentality of “Us vs. Them.”

4.           Filipinos are hardy.  Whether they are in a 50-degree Celsius project site in the middle of the desert, or in freezing temperatures in Siberia, they stick to the job.

5.           Filipinos are naturally service oriented.  This is truly a trait that Filipinos are proud of.  We take care of our customers as if they are guests at our own home.

Now that you know why Filipinos are in the cutting-edge of global citizenship, hire one now with Rensol Recruitment. Be our partner!

For more information on how to conduct a recruitment campaign in the Philippines, please connect with our Business Development Team at [email protected]. We will be ready to sit down with you and understand your concerns and configure a recruitment plan to ensure better success.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.