Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. was recognized and appreciated for its outstanding contribution and assistance to OFWs it deployed in the Russian Federation who were affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. In the Virtual Awarding of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Beneficiaries held on April 14, 2021 via Zoom which was organized by Philippine Overseas Labor and Office (POLO) Geneva and the Philippine Embassy in Moscow, Russia, Rensol was commended by no less than the Ambassador of the Philippines to the Russian Federation, Mr. Carlos D. Sorreta. Ambassador Sorreta in delivering his message in the said event, named Mr. Arnold Mamaclay, President and CEO of Rensol, as an “Action Man”.

“The last time I met Mr. Mamaclay was during the visit of President Duterte where I have seen him shaking hands with the President. Mr. Mamaclay is someone we can rely on especially in monitoring and promoting the interest of our OFWs.” The good Ambassador also thank Mr. Mamaclay for Rensol’s dedication in always coordinating with the embassy and POLO on all issues regarding the welfare of OFWs it deployed in Russia.

Rensol acknowledgement was due to all its efforts in monitoring and coordinating the situation of OFWs it deployed in Russia. It was noted that upon learning the situation of COVID 19 pandemic in Russia affecting some workers, Rensol arranged coordination meeting with the Principal/Employer and the Embassy and discussed many ways to ensure the safety of all OFWs. The cooperation and coordination resulted to the OFWS receiving cash aid from OWWA in addition to being paid by the Employer despite the fact that no work had been done due to lockdown imposed in the project.

During the event, Rensol CEO, Arnold Mamaclay in his message highlighted that Rensol’s commitment in monitoring and assisting OFWs will always be a top priority of the company. It started when Rensol did not charge any placement fee to the all workers it deployed to Russia, making the company the leading recruitment agency for OFW deployments to Russia

The awarding was facilitated by the Philippine Embassy in Moscow, POLO Berlin, and OWWA. It was also attended by the OWWA Chief, Atty. Hans Leo Cacdac and POLO Berlin Labor Attache, Atty. Delmer Cruz.

The recognition given to Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. and its staff is greatly appreciated as it is a sign that Rensol is doing great as a highly Ethical POEA licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines and that its commitment and actions in giving “a service that is above and beyond” is effective. Even with challenging conditions regarding deployment processes due to COVID-19 pandemic, Rensol is continuously deploying workers overseas. In these difficult times is the time where everyone should help each other more. Rensol’s way is to provide work opportunities abroad without charging fees to OFWs– NO PLACEMENT FEE, NO PROCESSING, and NO SALARY DEDUCTION. Truly, “a service that is above and beyond”.

Rensol and Anel Partnership

Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. and Anel Group have been collaborating for several years now. Anel is a global contracting company known in providing Mechanical, Engineering and Plumbing (MEP) solutions in the Middle East and other regions, while Rensol supplies their clienteles with quality workforce. The Rensol-Anel partnership remains strong to this day. As a matter of fact, for the year 2021, there is a huge number of skilled workers expected to be deployed for AnelMEP Maintenance and Operations LLC, a sub-company of Anel Group for construction projects in the Middle East.

Currently, Rensol is a part of the construction of Lusail Plaza Towers, Qatar Airport expansion project and other AnelMEP projects in the State of Qatar. For the first quarter of this year, Rensol had already deployed nearly half of the quota and is still looking for more candidates to reach the target of 900 workers. The deployment process will carry on until July 2021.

Rensol has always been consistent in advocating its policy of no placement fee, no processing fee, and no salary deductions – an ethical recruitment practice attributed to its success and good rapport with its clients and candidates. Click this link to learn more about Rensol and learn 5 Major Reasons Why Rensol is Not Your Ordinary Recruitment Partner.

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The “Bayanihan” spirit was once again showcased by Rensol Recruitment in the recent “Relief Operation” last December 2020. The President and CEO, Arnold Mamaclay himself headed this project with the assistance of his family. The company chose to give relief at Isabela province as it was one of the provinces that was greatly affected by the flooding during typhoon Ulysses.

The team prepared relief packs containing some goods and essentials to help with the people’s daily use. Fortunately, they had the chance to go to several barangays, including Barangay Malini Malvar and Barangay Rizal of Santiago City, Isabela and distributed the goods to the community. Due to the pandemic, face mask and social distancing must still be practiced. But it did not stop them as it is just minimum effort compared to the happiness and gratitude that the beneficiaries give in return.

Truly, helping and giving has always been part of Rensol Recruitment and Consulting Inc.’s values. With its core mission of providing better opportunities abroad for the Filipinos, Rensol aims to improve many Filipinos’ lives by helping them be successful with their careers.

Rensol maintained its lead as Russia’s top Recruitment Agency for oil and gas construction projects. Over the years, Rensol Recruitment and Consulting Inc. had deployed thousands of Filipino skilled workers bound to Russia for oil and gas construction projects.
Rensol maintained strong relationship with the leading Russian construction and oil and gas companies. Over time, these partnerships opened a huge number of job opportunities for Filipino workers.

For instance, the image below shows that Rensol is still the top recruitment agency for the biggest oil, gas and chemical construction projects for the world’s biggest country, Russia.

Rensol is Russia's Top Agency for Oil and Gas Projects
Rensol is Russia's Top Agency for Oil and Gas Projects

Rensol Agency had been and is still being entrusted by these companies to source and select strong qualified candidates for their big ventures earning Rensol Recruitment and Consulting Inc. an established top agency in Russia.

Some of the previous projects given to the agency for candidate-hiring are:

  • Artic LNG 2, the construction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) trains at Russia which will further increase the productivity in oil and gas market;
  • PhosAgro Ammonia Production Facility,a large-scale ammonia production plant located at Cherepovets city;
  • Yamal LNG project, which is another LNG train construction project. It is “an integrated project encompassing natural gas production, liquefaction and shipping”;
  • ZapSib 2 project, said to be Russia’s biggest integrated complex for polymer-production;
  • Lakhta Center, a construction of business and public environment to increase St. Petersburg and the North Western region’s business activity level;
  • and Amur Gas Processing Plant (AGPP), the soon-to-be “one of the largest natural gas processing facilities in the world”.

These projects gave jobs to several Filipinos especially, to those who have construction-related skills and experiences.

Taking the case of the above mentioned AGPP project wherein it requested for more than 250 skilled workers like Pipe Fitters, Engineers, Welders, Foremen, etc. in a single job order. All these workers are being properly screened and interviewed by Rensol Recruitment making the selections a cut above the rest. In conclusion, illustrating Rensol’s importance in the recruitment industry given the manpower it provide for Russia’s oil and gas construction industry.

Aside from that, Rensol is an agency that does not collect placement fees, processing fees, and salary deductions. More so making the agency an appealing and credible company both for the workers and the clients. This agency practicing ethical recruitment is just one of the good qualities that the companies and employees want. No wonder that it is a top agency for skilled workers in the largest country in the world – Russia.

The recruitment industry of the Philippines has gone through several transformations throughout the years. From deploying a volume of Filipino men to construction sites and oil rigs in the Middle East until the boom of domestic and care-giving roles across the world, the country is known to be one of the biggest service exporter countries. As per this day, there are more than 10 million Filipinos working overseas. This is evident as more countries and employers still hire Filipino workers for quality of performance in the workplace.

Throughout the years, several issues regarding illegal recruitment have made the headlines, leaving a bad reputation for the recruitment agencies. Issues regarding practices like charging of excessive fees, misrepresentation during the recruitment process, contract substitution, and unauthorized withholding of documents. In effect, people are distrustful with how agencies operate and how they get business from employment.

Good thing is there is a way to prevent someone from being a victim of illegal recruitment. This is by verifying the recruitment agency’s legitimacy. It is possible through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) website: and its job order validity through: But how do legitimate recruitment agencies actually work?

What is a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies are firms that find candidates for employers.  They deployed over 90% of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). The agencies intermediate with employers looking for Filipino talents and candidates in the Philippines. Recruiting manpower takes a huge amount of time and resources. They search for candidates matching the requirement of the employers, identify qualified people, screen and conduct background checks, and process the documentation of the selected candidates for deployment.

What is the Recruitment Process?

The recruitment process begins with the job order containing the job description and specifications from the employer. Recruitment agencies then, source for suitable candidates for the roles. Once the employer finds good candidates, then the agency will arrange interviews with them.

Job offers will be provided to the selected candidates after successful interviews. And then the processing of the candidates begins. This includes medical examination, securing of requirements, processing of visas, and obtaining necessary clearances.

What is the Advantage of Applying to Recruitment Agencies?

A highly regulated industry is what international recruitment is
in the Philippines. Strict compliance to documentary requirements is crucial to the deployment of a candidate to the overseas placement. Legitimate recruitment agencies help both the candidates and the employers in meeting the requirements needed. They ensure that the candidates are fully aware and agree to the terms of their employment. At the same time, they assist the candidates with the necessary documentation to legally deploy them.

Going above and beyond in service, Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. adopted the business model of not collecting fees from workers. This means that Rensol does not collect placement and processing fees from the candidates. It is among the few agencies to commit to International Labor Organization (ILO) fair practices of total prohibition on collecting fees from all job seekers as part of the company’s brand and identity.


Many are called, but only a few are chosen.

Opportunities to work abroad are scarce, being deployed abroad with an ethical recruitment agency is a golden opportunity of a lifetime. Every worker is expected to treasure the limited chance to earn better and to be successful by just being a hardworking and responsible flag bearer of the country while overseas.

Here is the second installment of success stories we collated from our successful hires deployed to different parts of the world. We are featuring Jeebe Noderama, a proud Ka- Rensol.

Jeebe Noderama, a Senior Electrician

Jeebe was deployed to Qatar as an electrician for the Doha International Airport project and worked there from 2010 to 2013. In 2014, he was deployed again to work for the Abu Dhabi International Airport project as a Senior Electrician. Both overseas employment is for the Anel Emirates based in the Middle East.

He was hired before through Mr. Arnold Mamaclay, CEO and President of Rensol Recruitment, who personally processed him. He learned that the agency process overseas employment with guaranteed zero fees from a friend who was also successfully deployed by Rensol. He claimed that Rensol offered him the best service from his recruitment to his deployment.

He shared that the life he had overseas is difficult because of the climate and the state of life there. During summer, it was very hot that he even had a heatstroke which he had survived through the care and safety measures done by his employer and his dedication to never give up for his dreams.

He was given three days sick leave but because of his will to work for his family, he still came in for work but his supervisor prefers him to rest on the side while in the workplace.

Apart from being sick, he experienced anxiety, homesickness, sleeplessness, hunger, and some family issues way back home.

“Pero lahat ng yun kasama talaga sa buhay ng tao depende na lang kung paano natin labanan ang mga yan. (All of those are really part of human lives. It relies on how we will fight against all those odds.),” he shared.

Because of his employment in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, he was able to be successful and to uplift the state of life of his family in the Philippines. He was able to build their own house and their own apartment.

He was also able to buy their own tricycles and he was able to put up a wholesale and retail grocery store as their family business in 2018. In 2019, they opened another business venture as a dealer of beverages and liquors. Even with all these successes, he still came back to work abroad to finish putting up their water refilling station business which will be open in July or August.

Enjoying the fruits of his labor, toil, and hard work, Jeebe is more than thankful to Rensol for giving him this golden opportunity to work abroad and be successful in life.

“Maraming maraming salamat po sa Rensol at kay boss Arnold Mamaclay, sa lahat ng staff, kay sir Jonathan, ma’am Alona, sa inyong lahat po dyan, thank you very much from my bottom of my heart hehe.. At syempre, kay God na syang may gawa ng lahat ng ito,” he said.

Rensol Recruitment will always be proud to share with the success of all workers who have reached their dream because of their own hard work and dedication. We are beyond grateful to become an instrument to reach their dreams and to transport them to greener pastures in life.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.


Dependency on Filipino nurse is an essential part of the Saudi Arabian healthcare system. The country faces a real shortage of medical care service providers. Many big hospitals in Saudi are on the rise and most of which are suffering from providing quality care due to nurse shortage. Most hospitals have chosen the path of importing professional labor to satisfy their needs for the necessary nurse.

Recruitment of nurses from third world countries has been the solution to fill in the requirement for qualified nurses. While Saudi perceives third world countries as a gold mine to recruit nurses, nurses from these countries see Saudi Arabia as a stepping stone to the western world, such as a career in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Is it safe to live and work as a Filipino nurse in Saudi Arabia?

In terms of personal and physical safety as a woman, the possibility of being robbed or assaulted is extremely low. It would be more likely to be involved in a traffic accident than security accidents.

Many testimonies have proven that women can freely go out alone without being harassed but be cautious of lusty stares and the inappropriate male gaze. It is true that it is easy to be objectified as a woman in Saudi Arabia for being different in terms of how the way you look, but by being extra careful, you can assure yourself security.

You don’t really have to wear a hijab to cover your hair, but you have to wear an abaya especially when you’re off the hospital compound.

Outside of work, you can find any hobby or interests you are into there. Apart from the unlimited travel options, you can enjoy your social life by joining various interests groups and formal events.

How is it working as a Filipino nurse in Saudi Arabia?

Every high- skilled professional such as doctors and nurses undergo a rigorous fact-checking from the Saudi Labor Ministry.

Most of the time, nurses are working 44 hours per week. Basically, it is more than the work hours you used to be working full-time here in the Philippines.  You will surely flip day shift to night shift work. Due to nurse shortage, Filipino nurses were pushed to work overload.

Saudi Arabia employs nurses from varying citizenship. This entails differences in terms of standards of nursing education and scope of practices.

In Saudi Arabia, there is a high incidence of metabolic and genetic disorders. If you will be assigned in large hospitals, you will surely have the opportunity to use the latest healthcare gadgets. Saudi Arabia seems to offer wonderful progression opportunities to build nursing careers. One of the exciting opportunities will be the chance to work for some of the world’s most modern and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities.

If you are a Filipino nurse who can adapt at things that are different, embrace cultural differences, and someone who doesn’t take life seriously, you have high chances to survive in Saudi Arabia without any problems. It will be easy for you to make friends and have an amazing social life. After all, your experience in the country will rely mostly on whatever you make out of it.

Benefits still outweigh the negatives if there will be. Working as a Filipino nurse in Saudi Arabia will surely let you pay off all of your debt and have the chance to even travel the world.

If there are common trouble Filipino nurses in Saudi Arabia commonly encounter is being jailed and arrested for fabricating credentials. Misrepresentations and tampering will surely lead you to wrong places and even deportation. By dealing with a reputable recruitment agency, you can avoid encountering such trouble.

Here at Rensol Recruitment, being an ethical staffing agency, we assure that every Filipino nurse will have all their papers validated and will never, in any means, facilitate fraud from happening

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

emotional intelligence in healthcare

Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been an important topic in business and organizational leadership for decades. It’s equally important in the health care business. Health care administrators can develop their own EQ skills, and they can also promote EQ in their organizations via employee training. These industry leaders will discover that EQ allows better relationships between colleagues and patients while also improving overall organizational performance.

emotional intelligence benefit to healthcare infographics

Why Emotional Intelligence is Crucial in Health Care

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Psychology professors John D. Mayer and Peter Salovey coined the term “emotional intelligence.” They defined the term as “the ability to accurately perceive your own and others’ emotion; to understand the signals that emotions send about relationships; and to manage your own and others’ emotions.”

In 1998, psychologist Daniel Goleman noted the connection between EQ and business leadership, specifically citing self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy for others, and social skills as the link’s key components. In 2013, Goleman used neuroscience research to demonstrate how leaders can build each element of EQ by learning better ways to focus their attention.

How Health Care Administrators Hire People with EQ

Health care administrators that seek high-EQ employees see it as a valuable piece along with education, certification, and technical skills. They’ll evaluate EQ by using behavioral event interviewing tactics to see how prospective employees handled challenging experiences in previous jobs. They’ll also contact the candidate’s references to obtain firsthand insight into their people interaction skills.

How EQ Benefits Health Care Professionals

EQ lowers stress and burnout of health care professionals in several ways. It improves communication, yielding better doctor-patient relationships. It provides understanding to a patient’s emotional reactions to a treatment, which leads to higher levels of patient satisfaction. Additionally, it leads to increased job satisfaction, and it also leads to improved leadership quality, which can result in better team effectiveness and motivation.

The Key Skills Administrators Need to Develop

How Administrators can Develop EQ to Become Better Leaders

EQ skills fall into two areas. The first area is personal competence, or the ability to understand and express oneself. This skill requires emotional self-awareness, respecting and accepting oneself, and a commitment to self-improvement. It also involves having an assertive self-expression of emotions, proper stress management, a capacity to stay optimistic, and being able to adapt behavior and emotions in unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, the skill is defined by an ability to control impulses.

The second area is social competence, which is the ability to manages relationships. This skill requires empathy, effective and compassionate communication, and social and organizational awareness. It also requires the capacity to manage conflicts, the ability to inspire and motivate through leadership, and being able to be a coach and mentor. Additionally, the skill is defined by having a sense of social responsibility.

Conclusion: How Technology Can Help

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Statistics

The healthcare AI market is projected to rise from around $663.8 million in 2014 to around $6.66 billion in 2021. The U.S. health care economy will potentially save an annual amount of $150 billion because of the AI applications projected to be in healthcare by 2026.

These applications can serve a diverse number of purposes. From a security standpoint, AI can help with fraud detection and cybersecurity. AI can also be applied to help nurses and staff by reducing dosage error reduction, providing administrative workflow, and becoming virtual nursing assistants. They can also help out in advanced capacities such as robot-assisted surgery, providing automated image diagnosis, issuing preliminary diagnoses, and identifying clinical trial participants. AI units can all be connected with each other, which could provide cohesion.

 EQ and AI: What’s the Difference?

EQ and AI are two wholly different concepts. AI is defined as a branch of computer science that focuses on allowing machines to solve problems and perform tasks associated with human intelligence. EQ, on the other hand, is a concept defined by the understanding of the emotions of the self and of others to foster personal and professional relationships.

The Potential of AI Technologies and Emotional Intelligence in Health Care

When combined, AI and EQ could advance healthcare in remarkable ways. It could make the assessment of a patient’s moods and feelings through speech cues, inflections, and gestures possible. It could also make it possible to detect depression and emotional wellness through vocal tone. Additionally, it could ease the stress of patient clinical trials by enabling real-time feedback. Overall, it could create a better customer experience by automating intake and discharge processes.

IBM’s Watson has provided a glimpse into this combination. The AI system can potentially match cancer patients with available clinical trials, medical therapies, surgeries, radiation, and supportive care. This could free up physicians, so they could spend more time providing care to patients.

The Importance of EQ

The relationship between EQ and leadership will continue to be a valuable asset for the success of health care organizations. Leaders and employees at all levels stand to benefit from adding EQ to their repertoire of professional skills.

In the world of hiring, soft skills have recently become the holy grail of recruiting. Soft skills – emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills like communication and empathy – are among the most in-demand qualifications a candidate can bring to the table.

According to one LinkedIn survey, more than half of nearly 300 hiring managers reported that the lack of soft skills among job candidates is limiting their company’s productivity. Recruiters are getting creative in trying to find new hires with talent in communication, time management, negotiating, writing, listening, problem solving, and decision making. Soft skills – the more intuitive EQ – are seen as a better predictor of success than hard skills, which can be taught or trained. 

Why are soft skills the best predictor of success? How can hiring managers design a recruitment process that takes these skills into account?

The Case for Soft Skills

Soft skills are in-demand in nearly every company and every industry. A Wall Street Journal survey of 900 executives found that 92% said soft skills were equally important or more important than technical skills. But 89% of those surveyed said they have a “very or somewhat difficult time finding people with the requisite attributes.” Likewise, LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Report discovered that the four most in-demand soft skills are leadership, communication, collaboration, and time management.

Are emotional intelligence a better predictor of success? According to one author, yes. Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence at Work, found in his research of 500 executives that emotional intelligence was a better predictor of top performance than previous experience or IQ. CEOs at some of the world’s top companies (Amazon, Xerox, and Tesla, to name a few) lead with emotional intelligence have designed their entire corporate structure around soft skills.

And such skills aren’t just great for creating a fulfilling and pleasant work environment. The link between profit and leaders with high emotional intelligence is clear. In one study, CEOs whose employees rated them high in character had an average return of 9.35% over a two-year period, nearly five times as much as companies with CEOs who had low character ratings. The case for recruiting for soft skills is strong: but, there’s something to be said for balancing good leadership and communication with individuals who have honed their talent.

Don’t Ignore Hard Skills

Have some recruiters overcorrected in their search for candidates with high EQ? Maybe, says one expert. 

Cal Newport, author of So Good They Can’t Ignore You, believes that to have a successful career, you must develop skills that make you an expert in something. There will always be a market for those with a depth of knowledge in one thing; certain fields will always demand new hires with niche skills and technical training. Newport argues that he more mastery you have in a skill or field, the more control and satisfaction it’ll give you in your career. 

While it’s true that technical masters do become top CEOs – Steve Jobs and Bill Gates come to mind – other experts note that eventually, soft skills and emotional intelligence must be learned. Many programmers, for example, have some of the basic hard skills that it takes to run a company. However, they fall short on key EQ traits like listening. The best leaders can learn soft skills over time, but start as an expert in something. 

How to Hire for Hard Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Unfortunately, soft skills can’t be found on a resume, which is what makes hiring for them so difficult. 

Companies who hire successfully with low turnover have learned how to construct their interview process to cover hard and soft skills. These recruiters ask candidates to perform tests mimicking real-world scenarios to get the best prediction of their success in the company. These skills tests then get triangulated with psychometrics and attitude testing. 

Plus, the advent of AI has made it possible to weigh soft skills vs. hard skills equally. Where in the past a candidate might wow a recruiter in the interview, but have no mastery over their field, an algorithm can’t be easily biased by a resume or stellar presentation. Smart companies have even begun to customize their interview process for certain soft skills that are applicable to each open position: so your extroverts become your top sales people, while your listeners join your HR team. There’s a place for both hard skills and soft skills in the workplace: it’s up to your hiring team to find the right combination for success. 

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.

Many are called, but only a few are chosen.

Opportunities to work abroad are scarce, being deployed abroad with an ethical recruitment agency is a golden opportunity of a lifetime. Every worker is expected to treasure the limited chance to earn better and become successful by just being a hardworking and responsible flag bearer of the country while overseas.

Here is the first installment of success stories we collated from our successful hires deployed to different parts of the world.

Ramel Tanon Sofranes was deployed to Russia to work as a tig/arc welder for Cherepovets and Yamal LNG Gas Plant project for Renaissance Heavy Industries (RHI) during our first batch of deployment, last March 2016.

Ramel shared that he came upon an advertisement from Rensol in Facebook. He tried his luck to apply where he passed the skills trade testing without any fees to pay. He was urgently deployed to Russia with his qualifications.

He survived to withstand working for 10 hours during the winter season with an extreme temperature of negative 30 degrees Celsius.

“Mahirap mawalay sa pamilya, mahirap dahil sobrang lamig, mahirap communication doon, mahirap salita nila, pero pagdating sa trabaho, kayang kaya (It is hard to live far away from your family, it’s hard because it is too cold, it’s hard to communicate, their language is difficult to understand, but when it comes to working, everything is doable.),” he shared.

Ramel was sent to the good hands of RHI who he claims to be very good as employers.

“Maganda at walang bitin ang sahod, ayos din naman ang accommodation (It is good and there is no delay on salary, the accommodation provided for us is also great.),” he said.

Thousands of Filipino skilled professionals were already deployed to Russia.  Filipino workers were tapped and have been provided with a quality job opportunity through Rensol Recruitment’s partnership with most of RHI’s gigantic projects.

This opportunity definitely helped his family to reach the greener pasture in life.

“Nais ko lang magpasalamat sa inyo (Arnold Mamaclay) at sa Rensol dahil nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon.. thank you very much sa Rensol agency at wala akong ginastos at ako’y nakaalis patungong Russia (I just want to thank Rensol because I was able to fly to Russia without paying for anything),” Ramel said.

Renaissance Heavy Industries (RHI) has been one of the long-standing satisfied partners of Rensol in providing quality job opportunities to Filipinos for almost five challenging yet productive years. Some of RHI’s projects which involved Rensol’s manpower services are Yamal LNG Plant, Gas-To-Gasoline Project (GTG), Turkmenhimiya Ammonia and Urea Plant, Sibur Tobolskneftekhim Polypropylene Plant, Phosagro Ammonia Plant, etc. Rensol has provided thousands of pipe fitters, scaffolders, welders, and riggers to the said projects, both in Russia and Turkmenistan.

RHI contracted Filipino workers from Rensol Recruitment to man its mechanical, construction, civil activities, and other EPC services which includes concrete works, steel erection, equipment erection, heavy lifting, piping works, cable pulling, insulation, and painting.

Ramel was able to buy his own car, which he uses as a source of income here in the Philippines. He is now working as a full-time driver for the ride-sharing service mobile application, Grab.

Rensol, being an ethical recruitment agency, reaches out especially to the less privileged Filipinos to alleviate their lives. The agency doesn’t collect anything to make opportunities attainable even by those in the poorest of the poor. That’s why it is with great delight that we celebrate even the smallest successes of our deployed workers overseas. 

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Rensol Recruitment and Consulting, Inc. is the fastest growing recruitment agency in The Philippines. A career consultant that aims to go above and beyond the level of expectations of both the aspirations of the candidates and the dream team standards of employers through providing exceptional opportunities and unparalleled quality-driven recruitment services.