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Japanese Construction & Artificial Intelligence

Japanese construction, which has deeply suffered from the country’s prolonged labor shortage, still expects a far worse situation for the next decade with at least a million people who are set to retire from the industry. By 2025, a potential shortage of 8 million workers is expected. One of the solutions that the country has […]

Rensol Recruitment to send Filipino Talents to Multibillion Dollar Gas Project in Russia

Renaissance Heavy Industries (RHI) has been one of the long-standing satisfied partners of Rensol in providing quality job opportunities to Filipinos within four (4) challenging yet productive years. Some of RHI’s projects which involved Rensol’s manpower services are Yamal LNG Plant, Gas-To-Gasoline Project (GTG), Turkmenhimiya Ammonia and Urea Plant, Sibur Tobolskneftekhim Polypropylene Plant, Phosagro Ammonia […]

Rensol Welcomes the 2nd Quarter with Two (2) New Partnerships in the Clothes Manufacturing Industry

Rensol Recruitment kickstarted 2018 with a blast upon closing huge accounts in the Construction and Oil and Gas Industries. Followed by a productive Middle East visit by Rensol President – Mr. Arnold Mamaclay, which ultimately opened more doors of professional relationship and career opportunities for Filipino workers. The second quarter continues to become bright and […]

Why Finding a Good Workforce is Vital for the Hospitality Industry?

The Food & Beverage, Travel & Tourism, Accommodation, and Recreation are the segments of the hospitality industry which necessitate the need for delivering a service, subject to fulfilling customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction in hospitality is affected by different factors, greatest of which is the service quality. It is easy to define service quality, but as […]

How Rensol Regulated Buddy Punching in a Convenience Store Chain: A Case Study

Client Problem: Owner of a Convenience Store in Oman Complains of Buddy Punching among Staff across all Branches Store owner discovers that his workers from across many branches practice buddy punching, causing major payroll loopholes. Buddy punching happens to be practiced by Filipino workers coming from a common recruitment agency. Rensol’s Solution: Disciplinary Action, Deployment […]

8 Reasons Why Filipino Healthcare Professionals Stand Out Globally

Being in the healthcare and medical profession is an act of kindness – may it be a physician, a dentist or a nurse, anyone can expect that they will only offer care to those who are in need. With caring comes a helping hand and a loving heart, willing to commit time and effort. It […]

The President is In: Rensol Recruitment’s 2018 Middle East Business Trip

Manila, Philippines – March 11, 2018 – Rensol Recruitment & Consulting’s Country Manager and President leaves for a month-long business trip to the Middle East primarily to visit and strengthen their relationship with long-standing clients and ensure that Filipino worker rights are being upheld. From the Philippines to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates […]

Key to Ultimate Patient Satisfaction: Kind and Compassionate Healthcare Professionals

Everyone intrinsically longs for the feeling of home, where he can feel that he is cared for. This translates to the need of the patients to be attended by healthcare professionals who have genuine kindness and compassion in caring for other people. There’s no denying that pulling off processes and technological innovations to provide quality […]

Succeed + Triumph + Prevail + Win with a Filipino Worker and the Right Partner Recruitment Firm

The Philippines is one of the biggest sources of manpower globally. Overseas Filipino Workers are preferred and sought after by most foreign employers because we are undoubtedly a gold mine for world-class talents. Moreover, due to the lack of local opportunity, more and more Filipinos are proactively choosing to leave the country for better chances […]

4 Essential Exercise in Picking the Right Partner Recruitment Agency in the Philippines

From two-person boutique recruitment shops to mega agencies with offices scattered around the globe – all with their own specialties and strengths, the options can be overwhelming. With so many fishes in the sea, how do you pick the best fit for you? Here are four essential practices you can follow while selecting the right […]