What makes us different?

Renaissance Solution has a number of exclusive quality that characterize us as one of the leading and premier recruitment in the region. True to its meaning, “Renaissance” is committed to revitalizing our clients’ operation by making sure they have only the best people in their team. While this remarkable movement brought revolutionary changes in Europe in the 15th century, We, at Renaissance Solutions, shall be with our clients every step of the way to bring forth the milestones they long to reach.

Industry Specialists

We are the best in what we do. Our specialists and consultants are well-equipped and have adequate experience in all industries we serve. This ensures we are able to offer our clients expert advice on all their recruitment needs.

Client Service is Only the highest quality

We only want the best for our clients. Finding the right people for them is on top of our priority list. We always look forward to establishing successful long-term professional relationships with our clients. Quality Commitment always comes first.

Superior Sourcing Strategies

We use a range of innovative sourcing solutions to find you the best candidate in the market. We have done an extensive mapping of the industries we covered coupled with a strong candidate database.

Faster time to hire

Renaissance understands the needs and urgency of our client’s project, as delays and downtime cost too much. We have the proven expertise to deliver on the required project timelines with superior quality. We can provide the best talent for hire within 24 hours.

Candidate Experience

Our processes ensure that every candidate receives a timely response which represents your company as you would like to represent yourself: professional, personal and courteous.