Executive Search

OUR VALUE PROPOSITION - Good talent is hard to find and keep. The past ten years have seen a dramatic change in the search industry. However, our core competencies have seen us through the change and come out a stronger and more effective organisation.. A highly targeted and detailed search with a high content of face to face interaction with both client and candidate dramatically increases the probability of a success.

Our core competencies still remain:

  • High levels of specialisation in the human capital business with a thorough understanding that stems from our deep involvement in the end to end process from recruiting to retaining talent for our clients.
  • A team of highly qualified and experienced consultants with many years of solid industry experience in top notch Companies.
  • A global presence, exposure and appreciation of the varied work cultures and practices in each of the territories.
  • The ability to intelligently and effectively engage at the senior management level
  • A work culture that is result and deadline oriented and uncompromising in quality.

The following are the steps we take to ensure right talent reaches your organisation:

1. Describe the Job & the Ideal Candidate

This is where we all get to know each other. What works best is to sit down with you and your executive team and talk about what your company needs and what makes it attractive to top calibre candidate.

We discuss in depth how you expect the new executive to contribute to your success, what skills and experience that takes, and what compensation will satisfy the right person.

Only after that do we write a custom-tailored Position Profile that describes the job and the ideal candidate.

2. Develop the Search Strategy

We merge what we’ve learned from you with our own knowledge of your industry to create a strategy that answers two questions: Where are the best prospects likely to be now? And, how do we present your company’s opportunity so it catches and holds candidates?interest right from the start?

3. Search Out & Evaluate Candidates

We spend a lot of time here unearthing the best candidates. We comb the internet and external databases. Call our industry contacts and our colleagues within RENAISSANCE Worldwide. Scour targeted industries and companies. The result is a strong list of the most likely prospects.

First we talk to all of them, building interest in your position. Then we review their backgrounds. Finally, we choose the best-qualified and set up meetings where we objectively audit each candidate's background, assess whether they can do the job, and judge whether they will fit in.

4. Interview Candidates

After we present profiles of the top candidates to you, our staff schedule the interviews, arranges travel, and manages the details of the meetings.

Working with you and your team, we create the best possible interview strategy; one that even in today's tight market will present the opportunity at your company so persuasively that it solidifies candidates?interest. And after your interviews, we debrief you and the candidates.

5. Choose the Best Candidate

Naturally, we've been talking to each other about the candidates all through the search, but this is where we make a final decision.

Our part is to get all the information out on the tale: what you think of the candidates, what they think of you, what their reference sources told us - and our opinions. We manage the process of balancing the strengths and weaknesses of each match. Then together we choose the best candidate

6. Develop a Winning Offer

The entire search can succeed or fail at this critical stage. Our first job is to help you understand what it will take in today’s market to close a deal with the candidate you want. Then together we craft an offer - comprising base compensation, bonuses, equity, relocation, and perquisites - that both you and the candidate feel good about.

7. Negotiate: Make the Deal Happen

This is where we earn our money: closing the deal. We are the “go-between?who presents the offer and coaxes you and the candidate to final agreement where each of you has vested self-interest at heart.

Often we call on you to spend more time with the candidate and reinforce his or her enthusiasm about your company - while we manage the nuts and bolts of the negotiation.